Say Something Random 5.4


I’m thinking of revisiting one of my oldest Evolve fanarts when I get my new tablet. I was proud of this piece when I first drew it, and now I wanna go back and see if I can make it even better.


Kingdom Hearts OST is just so good to listen to while I work. Kinda soothing, funny enough.
Music really makes a game better.


Do it. And post the new one as well.



10 Ayes.


Buffsuki :laughing:

I’m also gonna throw in Doki memes



Agggh, stop! hurts us, precious!


Raph without sais, Splinter looking more like a pig?!



I can’t tell if you’re upset about this or if you’re happy… I’m bad at telling the difference sometimes…


She’s in pain at the horror of this monstrosity.



Let’s be honest a lot of the revamped cartoons are so bad now… I personally never watched TMNT as a kid but I know the pain of a cartoon having a bad remake… Cough Teen titans and Ben 10 cough



Teen titans was the shit; I loved that show and the theme song was dope af. They pretty much ruined it for me with the chibi version *sheds tear*


We will always have the memories I suppose…

Man, I wish I could have the new NECA figures:

They look just like the original 1990 movie…still the best TMNT ever:

I could tolerate when the sequels broke so much cannon…tolerate the 3 toes and badger-like Splinter of the CGI Nickelodeon cartoon…the nostril-fied turtles of the latest movies…even the shell boobs of Next Mutation’s Venus Di Milo…but taking Raph’s Sais away?!




Leo is a rebel and Raph is the leader?! He may be my favorite but a leader of the four he is NOT. The more I hear, the more I can’t stand.



I just can’t even…I just can’t. THIS is the follow up for the 2012 Nick series? It’s like stepping into a completely different parallel universe.



The new turtles animation looks like that PBS kids math show… what is it called? oh yeah Cyberchase