Say Something Random 5.4


Trudeau giving $10.5-million to a murdering terrorist was a joke too


Trudeau gave 10.5 million to a canadian citizen because they abandoned him to be tortured.


Still doesn’t change the fact that he was/is a terrorist and a murderer


How about we all just not?


Hey man at least my gov’t isn’t OK with just letting any old gov’t torture it’s citizens cause yknow we’re civilized enough to have laws against that shit


I’m not entirely sure what this discussion is all about, but any political discussion going on here ends now. :eye:



This is why I love TRS… everything they do has personality and they invoke primal instincts .


That poor poor man…years have now been subtracted from his life.


Just to reiterate the earlier message, I think this thread has had enough politics for good.
It better not have any more.


Contacted Nintendo support about system transferring from my red N3DS XL to my Galaxy N3DS XL, then being able to transfer back if something goes wrong with the Galaxy model down the line. They confirmed I would be able to do so, which is great news because now I CAN keep my dual IPS red N3DS XL as a back up to my dual IPS Galaxy. SWEET!






He loved it though… He kept going in for more ^.^

I cant wait to get an oculus again for this.


@ToiletWraith saw this. Reminded me of you.



Yeah that’s me.