Say Something Random 5.4


I recently purchased an irrelephant. I’d go into more detail, but it’s not important.



I enjoyed the first couple seasons of SoA but it got more than a little hokey



To be fair, he was only killing enough to equal one dog.


Thats depressing and borderline abuse. We dont know, though, if the horse is in a temporary pen though, so cant say for sure but from just this video…that horse longs for grass and is kept in nothing but a muddy paddock without access to it.


I very highly doubt its abuse. If someone has 4 horses (or more. Only 4 can be seen in the video) then I would have a very hard time believing they don’t have a lot of land.

Based on the other things I can see in the video, that’s likely just a section of a pen. If I had to venture a guess based on things I’ve seen around where I live, that’s just the area connected to the stable/barn.


I hope so…the horses do appear in good condition at least. But, not everyone treats their horses with proper care. I have seen people house 3 horses on just 2 acres of land and not have the proper land to be able to graze them in one pen and change to another to refresh the earth. I’ve debated getting a horse and a mule myself and I have at least 5 open acres I can divide, and I question if that’s really enough. It should be 2 acres for the first horse and 1 acre per each additional horse.

But, this is just supposed to be a fun, cute video…I really ought not look too hard into it.




When I was a stablehand for a couple of months we used to feed them while they were in their stables, before letting them outdoors to the pens, where they and run around and such. Perhaps it was that the horses have been fed prior which is most likely the case. I would not like to think that the owner did not give them their food. Horses are full of personality, too, so it could be loafing around. I’ve seen them get on their backs and roll around in the dirt before, I’ve also seen one show signs of anxiety and nervousness because their stable buddy was outdoors being ridden. Nevertheless, they’re lovely, emotional creatures.


I remember, back when I still had DOS skills. batch files. oh so fun. I actually wrote a game using batch files one time.



Hows the coop?


No idea, havent been there in a while, it’s in Sweden. I’m in England now.






Was totes a joke my dude.


Only after the backlash


Naw lol.