Say Something Random 5.4



Is that Vince from Arrow? Or are my eyes just playing tricks on me?


Nintendo, once they switched over to a Profile based system on purchases they (the purchases) became easily transferable.

I verified this with Nintendo *800-255-3700 back when I was selling my Wii U with all those games (if you remember) then I recertified again with the Nintendo Switch when I had to sell mine. (I sold it under a no games pretense) so that when I buy a new switch, I will just have to plug in my profile ID on the new unit to retrieve my past purchases.


They do look similar, although I dunno.


cable = Josh Brolin
Vincent = Johann Urb


Josh Brolin is Cable

And like 3 different people voiced Vincent


Aw, shit.


I don’t really understand it


I love The Onion :joy:


I was about to revolt, then I read what page it led me to :joy:


Banjo Kazooie is a MASTAPIECE


Video games are not art.
They are pastries.


I can live with that, if they have cream cheese or custard.


I demand rainbow sprinkles on my video game pastries


I’d love to have just a bite-size taste, maybe an hors d’oeuvre of the latest offering TRS is working on…



They do not.





Since Vikings is over for now and I’m all caught up…waiting on Better Call Saul which is delayed until like, September…I started to watch Sons of Anarchy. I’m not really sure if this is a really solid show yet either. At least I feel like I can follow it easier than Vikings but…unsure about my feelings for these characters yet.