Say Something Random 5.4


Good for ya, Kai :>

Still sad for Akali ; ~ ;



This is an actual fucking ad from Tumblr. The legit totino’s Tumblr, no less.

They made a meme and it’s not complete trash.



Aside from the obvious slant, they could of fertilized from abroad, she could of visited him while in service ect. so I’m giving you a like ^.^


He’s in my form class, and my friends are the only people that tolerate him so, he sits near me a lot


I don’t see how any of this actually relates to a SJW… when I think SJW I think of people being obnoxious about equal rights, but everything here that I have read in the thread really just seems like arrogant assholes and nothing more.



Aren’t they all arrogant assholes?



Trying to Snipe on #cheapgear. 2min20secs


Lol I have it already under my auto corrections, I just forgot to add the other two \ to make it seen



Is still seeing MK gifs




It was a really fun movie man!





No! Killer Instinct would fit this better

@SledgePainter as fun as McDonald’s having fresh beef


I am that game. Killer Instinct I was queen of the cades.