Say Something Random 5.4



This is an actual fucking ad from Tumblr. The legit totino’s Tumblr, no less.

They made a meme and it’s not complete trash.



Aside from the obvious slant, they could of fertilized from abroad, she could of visited him while in service ect. so I’m giving you a like ^.^


He’s in my form class, and my friends are the only people that tolerate him so, he sits near me a lot


I don’t see how any of this actually relates to a SJW… when I think SJW I think of people being obnoxious about equal rights, but everything here that I have read in the thread really just seems like arrogant assholes and nothing more.



Aren’t they all arrogant assholes?



Trying to Snipe on #cheapgear. 2min20secs


Lol I have it already under my auto corrections, I just forgot to add the other two \ to make it seen



Is still seeing MK gifs




It was a really fun movie man!





No! Killer Instinct would fit this better

@SledgePainter as fun as McDonald’s having fresh beef


I am that game. Killer Instinct I was queen of the cades.


I managed to snag me a New 3DS XL Galaxy model with dual IPS screens from a screen swapper on Ebay for just under $200! I am drooling in anticipation of getting it in my hands and yet totally fear the system transfer process from my current Red N3DS XL to the Galaxy. I’ve done several system transfers between multiple DS units during my “seeking the dual IPS unicorn phase” so I shouldn’t be this scared…but I have so many digital games on it now and progressions in them I truly don’t want messed up (looking mostly at you Monster Hunter: Stories & Pocket Card Jockey). Mah saves!

Also, I have the golden clear Pikachu hard case for it, so it will end up looking like this…


I’m still unable to get the yellow edition Pikachu N3DS XL with Dual IPS screen replacements. Those always seem to be around $300-400. Yeowza.

My only qualm is I need to know if I can system transfer back to the Red N3DS XL unit I have in case of trouble with the Galaxy. I do not know if this is possible and I want my red unit as a dual IPS back-up. The N3DS units nearing the end of their lives, I want to be able to have a solid replacement just in case. Personally, I love the 3DS far better than the Switch.