Say Something Random 5.4


It has a lot to do with representation in media. There really aren’t that many main stream black superheroes or even role models in film.

While I don’t agree with her point of “if you’re white don’t go see black panther” that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a basis for making this point/demand. What’s sad is this Twitter post she’s made only pushes those that would actually want to have more representation of more diverse ethnicities/social/economic backgrounds portrayed in mainstream media away.


Nah fam I used to fuck up spelling Jhon all the time :stuck_out_tongue:


buT HOW??? O.o


One case would be dyslexia


Stop being dyslexic?


Okay, but you could just spell it “Jon” and it would technically still correct so ¯_(ツ)_/¯




AND then I’d still get it wrong because his name was John Adams not Jon Adams


I was super young and tried to sound it out.


Nah, man. You just got to do it. (I wasn’t being serious by the way)


No one ever is being serious here


That moment when I made a straight line with a mouse



Obviously faked :stuck_out_tongue:



I did it! I promise!


I once did a thing. For real.



Now you just sound like Loren


I learned from the best.


He secretly is Loren


That’s a stupid.




Poor trousers