Say Something Random 5.4


It’s way more story-driven. While the main plot is same (Escape the planet), the storyline is much different.
You know the story of Subnautica, I’m sure. In Debris, you are a member of a filming crew. Some stuff happens and you get stuck under a frozen ocean. Your crew is lost, and the only way to survive is to reach to the surface. Of course, there’s a catch. Power is limited, and there are creatures much, much bigger than the Sea Emperor lurking around.




(Yeah, I will likely buy it because i like nightmares and heart attacks)


I’m gonna go have more heart attacks. The game’s fun, in a way similar to Outlast.


Outlast was ok, however the final level and whatnot turned it into cheap sci fi to me.


Is it on steam? And what’s the price? I need to be real careful of how I spend my money, with the dark souls remaster coming up, wired internet to my room, and a trip to the US…




You are really enjoying this Knuckles thing, huh?


Don’t worry about watching Violet Evergarden on Netflix, because why simulcast in the U.S when you can do it everywhere else?


It’s fucking 9 degrees celsius in fucking january what the fuck.


It means you are about to get really cold.


It better get cold I hate this shit weather. Gimme -20 or +20


So much work this week. Finally off x3x



Beat Moon lord on expert o:


Smh we know




~doesn’t bully~


I’m off all day tomorrow! Woop woop! ^.^


Amen, it’s slush everywhere. This morning, the whole pavement was frozen as well so I had to watch out not to fall on my ass.