Say Something Random 5.4


Can’t say I trust Vader around kids. Bad history with regards to them and all that.




It’s ok, disney vouched for him. Apparently it’s ok to murder kids if you overthrow a dictator later on in life after murdering thousands of more people.



Millions (if not billions) if you count the Deathstar fiasco.

Reminds me of a joke I came up with a few days ago.

My long distance girlfriend died when the Deathstar blew up her planet.

That’s what I get for looking for love in Alderaan places.


Ya I’ve heard a similar one as well :stuck_out_tongue:


My internet is being dumb and not letting me Netflix.

Bleh. Am annoyed with it now.


You gonna watch Violet Evergarden when it works? Eh? Eh?


Not on Netflix, but I will watch it.

At some point, anyways.


It should be. Maybe it isn’t airing in the US? I know people had issues with that, but I sailed the high seas sooooo


I think it is on Netflix, but I won’t watch it on there.

Will stream it somewhere, though.


I saw that earlier today, it’s hilarious.


Spent 16 hours in a headache induced ‘coma’.

Why be productive if you can lay in bed all day? :thinking:


I used to think Subnautica was scary. It’s NOTHING compared to Debris.


Well you’ve gotten used to subnautica by now.

What is Debris tho?


Everything should be explained here.



That’s terrifying.

Fuck that shit lmfao

but I will probably play it…


And you WILL regret it, as I do right now


Is it more or less story-driven than Subnautica? Seems like it is more.