Say Something Random 5.4




I think that’s really nice Sledge… If I could, I’d make one of my rabbit and have his tail inside ; w ;





Watched ‘It’. Was a pretty good movie. They got a good actor for Pennywise, and it was waaaaay better than I expected.


Mugsy is so cute, you are very lucky to have found a dog like her


Now I just imagine you walking around with a rabbits tail and when someone asked you describe yourself brutally murdering the rabbit and cutting off its tail. Why do I think like this?


Since the cyberpunk thread thread has 5 posts and is dead Ima post dis here

they haven’t posted anything in 4 years and now they do this >.<



And that’s how I feel about that.


Smh. Das bad


@TrickshotMcgee watch Violet Evergarden!

Everyone else do it too. It’s beautiful. TuT



Look at dat dank neck!

Yes, it’s one of my chickens.


When you arrive at the bus stop and see your bus turning at the corner down the road.
FeelsTooLateMan . _ .

I’d be home by now if I got on that first bus probably =~=

But at least I’m gonna still arrive home and eat food :>



My chickens have stopped laying since September, due to the winter I figure. Is that chicken inside your house? Is that carpeting beneath it’s feet? Lol, my chickens would not even touch the snow with their feet…I dread cleaning out their coop since they stay in there instead of go outside. If there is snow, forget it, they won’t touch it even when I throw down sunflower seeds on it. Does your chicken lay eggs in such a warm, posh environment as yours? :rofl:


It was in the garage, it’s wide open.
There isn’t snow where I live (which sucks IMO) and they still lay eggs since we bought them.


I guess in my Illinois climate this is pretty normal. Some farmers leave lights on for the chickens up to 17 or so hours to stimulate the egg production, but I find that that’s not worth the electricity cost nor the running down of the hens…they only lay so many eggs in their lifetime. Still…having to buy eggs again form the store for months kinda sucks when you own chickens.