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my collection, goes to a time… when you could transfer pokemon. (still can IF you have all the right equipment)

So my pokemon, OMG CHECK THIS OUT… my pokemon, from WAY back in the day… have grown stayed and fought with me through them all… and thanks to POKEBANK… they have all moved on to my son who respects many of them since he helped (as a baby ^.^) with naming a lot of them.

I think its neat… My collection has gone generational.


I still have my first Charizard! Granted, I am not paying for the Bank to transfer him up any more, so he is stuck on White 2 indefinitely. ~cries~


Fairy was kinda needed for Dragon type but instead of being a balanced type that gives Dragon types the nerf they needed it is now one of the most powerful types lol. I think Primal Reversion and Z-Moves turned me off of competitive Pokémon. However if you want to do the battle tree later on I suggest doing an extreme evoboost evee and baton swapping into a mega metagross. Super op I loved rekting the battle tree with it.


It gives Poison a nice buff though.


Yeah poison need a buff. However Kleffki Primarina, and a few others also kinda nerf poison type as even though they’re fairy it isn’t super effective against them.



First, it’s Fox News so… ya… however, wasn’t this like old news anyway? I remember reading/hearing about this like a year ago or something.

This was from Aug. 8th 2017. I could have sworn it was earlier to, but still.


No, he looks to be suing


Ok…so what now?


Which is what the article I linked says to.



From what I have seen you both go balls-in and play it to death, then achieve your maximum goal and give up before most people have learned to fly at the game yet. Are you sure you are exploring all your games and systems has to offer? I’m honestly kinda sad about it for you. I know people get tired of things, but I feel as if you are merely guzzling the wine, not rolling it around in your glass, sniffing its essence, and letting the flavor reach every tastebud on your tongue. I think you will regret this…maybe not the 3DS as much becAuse it is coming to the end of its lifespan, sadly, but the Switch is a baby system and the game content has grown exponentially. For someone that really admonished the Switch at first, I do see it’s promise now, and now you got rid of it? Now it is coming into its own.

Pocket Card Jockey was a diamond in the rough and you hadn’t heard of it…made by the same makers of Pokémon…imagine what else you could be missing out on.


Oh I just got reminded that I hid some cookie dough icecream in the freezer Thanks!


Dude, what?! Hook me up man, hahahha!


Sure. I’ll send some via mail.


I would say that sounds like a bad idea, but that’s a really good way to not get any cookie dough ice cream. So mail away!


Quit cuz we 100% the game o:

I have ADHD, so I get bored fest.


I think that was her point. All you do is power through it as fast as possible and never really get to enjoy it past that.

I have known plenty of ADHD people, and none of them power through everything and put it down because of boredom. Hell, I’m not sure half of them knew what being bored meant. They just try to do as many things as possible, even if it means they don’t complete others.



Pretty sure my son is ADHD but he sticks to Roblox like nothing ive ever seen. He has amazing dedication to the things he wants and loves, an no attention span at all…at all…for anything else.

Man, besides my jockey game there is Monster Hunter Stories and I know you and Katy would have adored that game, having liked Pokémon so much…and there was plenty of content in that too.

Did you guys originally play the iOS Evolve game? Talk about needing full dedication…that game gives me nightmares even today…but I tell you want I wish I could still play it. It was removed from the store a while back, and anybody that downloaded it, its removed from their devices now. It was not a game we could “own” and I am sad for that, even though I did 100 percent that title.

I dunno, to each their own…I don’t mean to make you feel bad…I just feel like you’re missing out and I hate for people to miss out on what I perceive as good games and titles now and in the future.

Speaking off…a game called “Sushi Striker” for the 3DS is releasing soon and I am chomping at the bit for that one.

Edit…my iPad keeps changing my saying Katt to Katy…ugh.