Say Something Random 5.4


I agree Treeco is better.


Charmander is best starter, boi.


Charizard while looking cool is outclassed by Venasuar.


I’d rather not have my Rowlet get destroyed . _ .

Please. Torchick is cute >:T
~has never played a pokemon game so only cares about appearances~


It is cute, but it’s not a good starter until it hits it’s last evolution, blaziken.

Also, ya should play them. Pokemon games are very diverting, and fun.

~vomits lava onto your dumb plant~


Unless they degraded their plastic I don’t think it’ll get destroyed unless they take a hammer to it… or maybe I’m just weak…


Mega evolves “Dumb plant” and sets up sleeping power leech seed


See, leech seed isn’t actually that strong, on top of doing half damage. Whereas there are fire moves that could 1-shot it before you can mega evolve.


Leech seed heals Pokémon. Also mega evolution always come first even if the Pokémon is slower. Mega Venasuar has thick fat which halves fire type damage so it should take a hit easily, plus the fact that you’re now asleep and losing health and I’m regaining health.


I always thought it was the beginning of your own turn. Huh

Has it always had that? I still never had issues with it. Meh.

Sleeping lasts a max of 5 turns, grass moves are halved in power against flying (Charizard’s second type), and it’s a weak move to begin with.

I also don’t like the idea of mega evolutions anyways. They look cool, but it’s a weird gimmick. Never got the real purpose outside of bigger numbers.


I think thick fat has gone through some changes over time but I’m pretty sure that’s what it does in the current gen, and yeah mega evolution always happens first then the move. If the Pokémon is slower it’ll mega evolve wait for the enemy to attack then it attacks, unless it flinches of course.

Fuck I forgot Charizard was a flying type lol.



I have been using Charizard for the past 17 years boi. Longer than you’ve been alive!


I guess I could always use sludge bomb. Oh shit wait Venasuar can learn Synthesis. Screw leech seed lol.


Synthesis only heals you, right? Does that hurt the other Pokemon?

Been a while since I used a grass type lmao


Yeah Synthesis heals half health iirc


I believe that move also only has 5 PP to balance it out some.


I dunno haven’t done competitive Pokémon since X&Y lol


I’ve never done competitive pokemanz. I just know stuff.

That said, my knowledge only stretches up to Black and White. Dunno most of the new ones, and most of the mega stuff is still weird. Fairy types still confound me. Need to finish Moon.


My knowledge is vast bruddah. ☆spits☆


I always did like the RPG adventures they would do on console… the Shadow pokemon was really fun ^.^