Say Something Random 5.4


You sold it? Why would you ever? The catalog of games it has is still awesome.

You sold your Switch too? Whaaaat?


No one played either of them Dx


Now that’s some late 80’s anime.


>.< 37 belts from kadala and I only got 3 of the exact same set belt

It’s not even that good of a belt cries


Ok, but if a game you wanna play comes out, then you’d have to buy another one or never play the game.

It is always better to keep a game system, because you never know what is gonna come out for it.

At least, that’s my opinion.


I still have my n64 o.o


Same. I also still have my gold Ocarina of Time.


I had it until it got lost when my brother loaned it to someone >.<

Still got mario kart, golden eye and perfect dark so things are still mostly good.

No idea how I used to use the n64 controller for golden eye though lol


Perhaps you guys play games differently. I can play a game to death, set it aside for months or even a year or more, then lust after it again as hard as I did the first week I got it. I don’t see a purpose of getting rid of such things when you can always go back and play what you at least own (getting less true nowadays, but still). Especially true of the Switch…it’s still considered a brand new console and their game release schedule is excellent. Splatoon 2 alone is enough to tide me over…then there’s everything else of note like Pokken, Xenoblade, Zelda, Smash (coming soon), a new Pokemon title coming, stuff like Ittle Dew 2, Mario games, the party games…I mean it’s just starting its life and the 3rd party “nindies” are coming strongly too.


made me spit my milk out.


hey… psst…



The only primes I am familiar with are Amazon Prime, Optimus Prime, and I’m quickly going out of my prime…not sure I know what you’re trying to whisper to me, heh.


Primrose Everdeen


I’m v tired goodnight


Sometimes life gives you gems.


The Metroid Prime 4 to be exact…



I still can’t believe you got rid of your games…you and Kay worked so hard on your Pokémon collection…



Is that for the new Disney Infinity?


Ok, haven’t played this new poetry club thing cause it really isn’t my thing but I saw gameplay on yt and know the plot so this one split my sides a bit XD