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It’s two characters from LoL. But last time I talked about something like that, it got removed and I was told it was against the rules.

But if you want to see, I can still PM ya

Anyways, just wanted to say that it is against the rules. Or else I’d have posted lots of it already :’>

We kno de wey >w<


I 100% thought you meant real people lmfao


Just got another 2 legendaries that massively increase my seven sided strike damage



“Performs an additional seven strikes”

Bruh, what the fuck that is so strong.


IKR it’s made my damage increase by soooo much and now it’s on a 4 second cd


This is the one thing that I’m not the biggest fan of in D3 is that it is so much gear dependent once you hit a certain plateau. Higher GRs just get more health + do more damage. I would love for games to have harder difficulties that focused more on enemy AI/behavior instead of just larger HP bags and more damage output.


You’ll never get that in a game like Diablo 3.


Yeah, Diablo is not the “complex enemy AI” game. Its the “meat bags get meatier and your sticks get sharper” game.


Does it properly stack with your other item that makes each strike do 7.7x the damage of the whole ability?


seems like it. Before I equipped it I’d need multiple casts of the ability to kill rift bosses after I killed it in half a cast.


Sweet. It should have like quintupled the damage, if I did my math right.


I’m not saying I was looking for it in Diablo 3. Hence why I said I would like some games to try it.

Again, I wasn’t looking for anything complex in Diablo 3. My complaint about D3 is that it’s too gear dependent because of inflated HP and damage dealing mobs. Thats fine. It’s also why I stopped. Once I hit solo GR 85 there wasn’t any real reason to stick around for me. I then make a side note saying it would be awesome if games focus on stronger/harder AI behavior instead of just simply inflated stats. I never said I was looking or expecting Diablo 3 to have such a mechanic.


The problem is- how do you classify what’s more difficult that way? And if you do find a way, what’s to stop it from being impossible after 2-3 replays if the AI just keeps ramping up. Eventually it’s just them parrying all your attacks and just murdering you. Or exhausting your stamina and killing you.

There is no reliable way to simulate enemy “skill”. If you DO, then it locks out several playstyles that such an enemy would have a counter for.

It would make the game unfun to play if all the enemies thought like extremely skilled players.

Sure, it would appeal to specific people who play a certain way, but people who don’t play as efficiently would be punished for it.


Again, those are just stats. More this, less that etc… I’d love to see AI do hit and run tactics, bring friends, analyze your build and counter your abilities so that it isn’t just rote memorization of using skills optimally. (If that makes sense)

Not to me it wouldn’t. I think it would be a fun challenge.

No different then gating content by not having specific drops. One is artificial created difficulty (Gear drops) the other skill based.


Those are actually strategies, though. Parrying isn’t a stat. It’s a skill. One that, at present, only like 3 enemies in the game do.

But stat buffs DO matter. Because eventually enemies stop posing threats, even if they are smart. No stat pumping makes players far more overpiwered. However, you might also imagine a crowd of enemies that can ALL parry any of your attacks, or a group that just avoids everything until you are out of stamina and hammers you.

That isn’t fun. Not to me.

You do realize that you’re almost literally just describing PvP, right? As you play more, other players have a higher average skill level, and some do actually analyze your gear to fight.

Except gear drops can be guaranteed. Especially in DS3 where half of the weapons you get are just lying on the ground or come from boss souls.

Also, “skill based” is extremely subjective. I can’t parry for the life of me, but if I come up against an enemy that can only be killed by parrying, then I am fucked. To others, dodging on time might be tough even though they can execute a perfect parry. Or reading an enemy’s movements. Some things can require skill for some people, but to others they can be a breeze.

However, if my problem is that I don’t do enough damage, then that is more easily rectified. But as long as you don’t use beginner-equivalent gear, it doesn’t matter whatsoever.

Hell, I have been using the Farron Greatsword, a weapons most experienced players don’t touch, for 2 full playthroughs now because it is fun. Damage is not a problem in this game at all. As long as you use something passable, effort can take you the rest of the way.

I am done correcting spelling here. Typing on my phone sucks.


Again, you are dumping both increased stat values + AI behavior. The reason stats values increase is because gear scales. Pull back gear scales means you don’t need as high stat values on mobs and you can find alternate methods of creating difficulty.

You can have smart AI that creates skill without trying to force a PvP like game. And no, I’m not trying to describe PvP. PvP is not the same as intelligent AI behavior.

Not if you are looking for something specific.

I don’t know how you are indicating that I said any such thing. Not once did I even mention parrying or only able to be killed by non parry attacks. I’m not sure you are understanding what I mean but increased AI behavior. I’m not trying to put inflated stats with enemies that only have 1 weakness.

Ok this is the point where I realized you were talking about Dark Souls, I was talking about Diablo 3. However, my notion still stands that I would like to see increased AI behavior instead of increased stat values. :slight_smile:


Naw there’s a fair number more that will parry you if you count the npc invaders separately.


Gear is not the only scaling. Good weapons are available early on. Most of it is your own stats.

Taking away bigger numbers takes away some of the feeling of progression.

Even specific things can be easy. Lothric knight weapons can be farmed, silver knight gear drops plenty. Black knights are even farmable. Other than that, you either buy them, find them, or get them from bosses.

It was simply a poor example. Apologies. My point was that if I lack a specific “skill” the game requires for progression anywhere, then I am screwed.

Wasn’t talking about dark souls. Was using it as an example, but not my main point.

ANY game that focuses solely on skill is one that would only attract certain people.


Pick one. First you say you aren’t, not you are :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m pregnant ouo


Which is why I wasn’t saying I was looking to find it in a mainstream game. I know that my opinions are just that, my own. Doesn’t make it any less valid. :slight_smile: