Say Something Random 5.4



This is super cool

for those that don’t want to click the link but want to know the answer

his fan is picking up an AM radio station


how the hell did that not hurt him??


Well, early game for mages is fuckin hard. Because you still need a weapon for some things because you run out of FP so fast, good healing spells take like 3/4 of your FP, so it’s almost better to use your Estus, and even with the ring that boosts casting speed, spells are just so damn slow.

But I wanna see it through. The spells you do cast are pretty cool, like the greater heavy Soul Arrow that 1-shots a lot of mooks. Need more pyromancy shit tho.


You should get a simple or blessed infusion they can both save you a decent amount of estus


I saw the spells, but wasn’t sure what they do since the descriptions suck ass.


Which spells you talkin bout? Also if you’re unsure just watch a youtube video or load up the wiki


The infusions. I will probably take a look at the wiki, though. I know good spells don’t come until much later, but what i have now could be better.


Simple infusion = int scaling magic damage and FP regen
FP regen info

The base regeneration rate for the simple infusion is 1FP/5 seconds, going down 0.217 seconds per upgrade level. At +10 it gives 0.35FP/sec (1FP every 2.85 secs).

blessed infusion = faith scaling physical damage + hp regen
hp regen info

The regen is 3 HP per tick, and is unaffected by upgrade level. However, the higher the upgrade is, the shorter the tick interval. At +0, it ticks every 4 seconds. Each upgrade level will reduce this tick time by 0.25 seconds. A +10 weapon will regen 3HP every 1.5 seconds.


I…did not know those did that holy shit.

That sounds ridiculously useful. Thank you!

And that’s per hit right? So you can stack the regen?


It is useful no doubt but it also is a fairly slow regen as you can probably tell if you looked at the numbers

No it’s a passive regen as long as they’re out so you can double up on the health/fp regen if you want to


Any regen is better than none lol. It does leave a bit to be desired, though.

A bit disappointing, but still better than what I have at present.


What ds3 questlines have you done?


So far, none. Unless you mean on my previous character. In which case, I did Yoel’s and Anri’s. I think I also did Irina’s.


Did you get Yoel’s ending?

Which ending did you get for her?


Yeah. the evil one where you don’t just sit at the flame in the end.

Regrettably, she had me kill her. Or rather, she asked the Mourne guy to do it. I know there is another one for her, and I’m going for that this time.


that’s not the evil one there are 3 endings and one variant ending which is the evil one


I did not know there was more than one for Yoel. I assumed it was evil because you become the fuckin dark lord and shit.


There aren’t 3 Yoel endings. The 3 endings are Link the Fire, the End of Fire and Usurpation of Fire. The end of Fire has the evil alternate ending


Oh, the End of Fire is where you give the Fire Keeper her eyes. I never did that. It seems like a bad idea lol. In that case, I have gotten 2 of them. Linking and Usurping. Might try the actual evil one this time.