Say Something Random 5.4



Just wanted to inform you that you messed up.


? on what?


You didn’t hide the spoiler correctly.


hmm its not on my end

im highlighting and clicking blur… redid it mult times
yeah the blur isn’t working for some reason… so I just hid it.


Now I can’t up the summary (on phone)


Thinking of starting a Pyromancy-only run in DS3 :thinking:




Need to do one tbh, did one back in DS1

Besides, Pyromancy is best magic. Sorcery is for noobs and miracles for zealots xD


Do you even play that game?!


Magic is for stupid staff twirlers >.>


Hey now. Magic is pretty cool. Throwing balls of magma or using lightning to smite a bitch.

It’s just a lot tougher to use than weapons are because FP doesn’t come back by itself like stamina does. It also doesn’t get really strong until about 25+ points in the relevant stats.

IMO Bloodborne did the “magic” better than Dark Souls. There are fewer spells, but they are all potent and unique, and it is really simple to get the casting resource back without having to stop at the lanterns.

You also don’t have to sacrifice healing items for spellcasting in BB, and I like that a lot.


friggin staff twirler smh


This staff twirler beat one of the hardest bosses of Dark Souls in 2 tries when it took you hours. Humph.


Looks like he got more out the game than you then :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Nah, son. I have more fun than him. Guaranteed. Because I primarily use the Farron Greatsword and that’s the most fun weapon of them all.


Play what game?


You don’t even know what the quote is from…

Borderlands 2’s Krieg says that. (Though I am one of the few people to quote him here)


Duhhhh. I play that. o3o He’s my favez.


I somehow doubt you do…