Say Something Random 5.4


That’s not something to be proud of…






I’m so sleepy right now.


Drinking in moderation isn’t bad you goof. Also, I think you’re too young to be drinking, lol.


LOL Live TV fails.
{clip has inappropriate language / brief nudity / and many innuendos"


SO … I didn’t really care for the first Guardians of the Galaxy… So far… VOL 2 does seem better but the perspective is off for me… not sure what it is. in 27 minutes in and it seems like its all about family and betrayal but I do enjoy Drax this round.



It can have its place :stuck_out_tongue:


is it still moderation if I get drunk? o_o

Oh yeah… Drinking age isn’t over 18 there @~@


How old are you? Out of curiosity. I’m nearly 22, but I always figured you were older than me.


Yeah nothing makes your friends more jealous then to say that you’ve been drinking lol


Buzzed. Not shitfaced. You’ll understand when you can start drinking when you’re older.


Why would you call me kiddo if you really thought that?! ; ~ ;

Ohhhh… I just took “smashed” as the super drunk thing >.<"

I can drink right now if I wanted >:T

Me being drunk probably isnt that exciting… I’d probably just fall asleep :’>


Because. It’s fun to mess with you!


… That’s not nice… But not wrong to do cus I am younger -3-


The same reason I call people Skippy to piss them off (People hate being called Skippy for some reason) even though I know they aren’t peanut butter :stuck_out_tongue:


Yummy peanut butter @w@
Skippy is good…


Heathens. Peanut butter master race. I spent most of my life wishing I could be something so glorious.

Mix it with a little marshmallow fluff, or cookies, or even by itself. Peanut butter is just perfect in every way.


While I like Penn and Teller, I highly disagree with this video. I have done ample research into vaccinations in general, and conclude that unless it is dire, there is no need for them. I regret vaccinating my own son to this day and denied his final round of shots. No regrets, and I have a LOT of fighting the medical and school system on this for as well…as well as other parents that liken this decision to murder. I also will not get any further shots myself unless it is for something genuinely life threatening like Rabies, should I get bitten by a wild animal. I did not make my decision lightly and I did all of my own research. I suggest everyone do theirs as well and not just auto-agree to what mainstream media or even doctors say.


I’ve seen a few more episodes now…still unsure if I want to keep watching because the culture is just…so extreme. Like I want to go research this stuff to see if they REALLY WERE like this.