Say Something Random 5.4


oh dear 


Cannibal Licker :slight_smile:



Did someone say crows?


just wow. the crows instigated that whole thing… they got the first cat in the defensive mood… then … wow.


Ya, I always go back to this video from time to time. Such an amazing thing to catch on film.


Here is a quick picture of our dice trays at the moment. I know that Master wanted to see them, but I’m sure Sledge wanted to as well.

@Master_Forge @SledgePainter



That’s a good looking collection there, cow friend :] have you got any favorites? Do you just rotate them all in and out?

I used to have like twice as many as i currently do but i stored them in a jewelry box that ended up in a storage box somewhere. If i ever try to hunt them down I’ll be sure to post a picture of them as well :slight_smile:


Eyyy. I just bought a few dice sets today!

Where I am right now has a store with stuff like that. So I picked up a few sets with D4s-D20s.

Didn’t have any physical dice sets before now.


I’m so smashed right now.


Katt, go home. You’re drunk.

Friends don’t let friends forum drunk.


Here are my dice and some of the ones that stand out.

1 - A hundred 1mm squared dice. It’s fun to roll 100 dice and hear them rattle. Not really useful as I don’t play much elven/dark elf table top warhammer (You know what I’m talking about)

1 mm Dice

2, 3, 4, 6, 11, 12 ,13, - All around D6 for various games. Gurps and Warhammer being the biggest offenders.

7 - Special Gurps dice that I like to use for NPCs.

8 - So in Gurps you want to roll low for skills, high for damage. These are my low rolling D6.
5 - Star Wars Roleplaying Dice. One of the best things to come out of that system is not using numbers and having them act more like ‘story’ dice. Very cool.
9, 10 - These are my high rolling D6 for Gurps

SW Dice, Gurps High Low

14 - These are my ‘pair dice’. If I want to roll pairs, I use these

15 - These are my hero character dice when I GM Gurps

16 - D14 for a roleplaying game I helped beta test back in the day


1- Cthulhu D20 Set


2 - Pathfinder D20 Set (Card/Board game and table top)

Pathfinder D20
3, 5, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15, 18 - Generic D20 sets for various occasions.

8 - Her D20 Set, 9 His D20 Set

D&Ds His and Hers

4 - Extra Werewolf Apocalypse Roleplaying Dice if needed (Mostly for damage)
17 - Main Werewolf Apocalypse Skill Dice


6 - Misc. Dice

7 - Aiden’s D20 Set

13 - Runic Dice


16 - Wifey’s Mini D20 Set

Wifey D20 set

We have a few other sets but most of those don’t get used a lot.


That weird feeling you get from listening to a song’s usual version, after having only listened to the acoustic version got awhile.


That’s amazing. I love all the dice and i can’t wait one day to have so many myself.

As for my dice, the clear golden D20 is the literal golden boy of my group. It tends to roll higher than 11 on 70% of my rolls.

The other 2 D20s are probably going to be my DM dice because they’re both rolling badly :<

I haven’t used the D-12 yet, I’ve barely had a chance to use the D-8, and my two D6’s are pretty nice. Lots of 4s.



chokes on lion hair

Lmao, define smashed


Read, boi

It’s like one line under her comment.

Common sense…


I get the drunk part

But she never said she was drunk

I read everything, even the dice before replying


If I was Katt’s actual son, I wonder if I’d get drunk often o.O

~doesnt drink~

ARURF is comiiiing @w@
Too bad I won’t be able to play my favourite character though -3-


Get out my swamp