Say Something Random 5.4



With more sleep, I’m sure you’ll start to do all those things >_<

… Also, the last example was totes meant to say having Secrets! Old people don’t have secrets OwO”

Time to sleep =.~


Old secrets is the best secrets :slight_smile:


That’s at the top of my list. Followed by food then sleep.




Where does games go…? O.O

Using my phone to try and stay awake Cus I don’t want to get up but I don’t want to fall asleep either :’>

I want to fall asleep but I can’t let that happen >…<


Tfw you forgot to take your medicine and need to stay awake almost all day cause it’s a school day.


They have other beliefs then the monks and are after treasure (easy pickings). They had no clue what they were.

It´s a good show, keep watching unless you get offended by those things and others (self sacrifice 2 there gods, sleeping around including rape, ritual death penalty, etc…)

Kind off what´s still happening on a daily basis in a different setting.


Games come after sleep.


At least you have priorities laid out -3-


Can’t play games if I’m hungry, sleepy or in “that” mood.


I’ve been gaming wrong this whole time…


My friend is dead to me now.


Everyone games differently.


That’s it, that’s how I’m imagining him now too


Guess you’re dead to me too. Imagines you dying a horrible and painful death for your heresy


Heresy you say? Hearsay I say.


The more you know 8D

Heresy? <.<



I can’t be dead to you twice! That’s impossible!