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King Dice speaks the truth.


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Trust me, the difference between a GM who uses his power to do whatever he wants is a terrible GM. That being said, a LOT of GMs are this way and people have sorta rolled with it. Heck, when I was… erm… younger I used to GM in a way that I had a story and the characters were just parts in it. This was a TERRIBLE thing to do because it ruins the greatest thing about roleplaying, and thats choice and creating something together. Instead, I have more of this open world outline of what is happening in the world(s) and the characters are free to change and mix it up because technically it IS the player’s game, not the GM. The GM is merely the arbiter of rules and explanation of outcomes.

And obviously, if you have players that want to screw with the GM then you ditch them because they aren’t there for roleplaying.


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Oreo milkshake does sound a lot nicer to be fair!

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I really enjoyed Nioh. Not sure how much it changed since release but I thought it was pretty decent though I felt it was silly easy to get gear by beating other ‘shadows of players’.


I mean, I always assume that if you are in a group with someone regularly you’re not just gonna be malicious about it.

I know if I were the narrator of a story I’d probably have a Hell of a good time if the players just decided to hijack it for a few minutes. Or that the players wouldn’t mind if I “accidentally” led an asshole player to his untimely doom.

Doing something like that, in my eyes, is fine as long as you’re not a spiteful asshole. You can fuck with a friend in a fun way. That friend is just an omnipotent power who can do hilarious things. Not, like, ruin their games or anything.


Ya, but still I wouldn’t want to be around a GM who does that. Being killed of, even hilariously, just because the GM wants to seems pretty silly to me. That being said, my way of storyteling/roleplaying isn’t for everyone and some people are fine if the GM dicks about like that.




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Pm likes don’t count anymore.



Wait really? I guess it makes sense they made it easier to become a regular.


Anybody else watch the show “Vikings”? Just started watching and just in season 1 episode 2…not sure why the heck they all went and killed the monks. I’m not sure how I feel about this show yet and if it’s worth continual watching.



Done at work. Now I can play video games all dayyyy.


I went to an aquarium. It was fun!


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Actually, sleeping sounds like a better thing to do -w-


You know you’re getting old when sleep is at the top of your desires list before eating, playing video games, and having se—. Yup, I’m definately old.