Say Something Random 5.4


In other words:

You don’t fuck with God, and the DM is god.


Naw man. Fucking with god is the DnD end game.


But I’m the one usually GMing, and any GM who thinks they are god as a GM I won’t play with. Good GM storytelling is not arbitration, but rather co creation with the players.


As someone who doesn’t play, I would probably share the sentiment. However, they kinda do have control over a lot of stuff. Making the man with the power angry may result in needing a new character.

As goofy as this sounds, I do not doubt it one bit.



DM = God you dun fuck wit capital G God

Yeah but players also have to follow Da Rules and part of Da Rules is not fuckin with the GM.


Rule 0 does not mean that the GM is always right, it’s just a way to keep the game going.



I did love the concept of that one.


Saaaaaaaaaame. Love the little description thingy at the top super badass. Dunno how great it is compared to others but I’d probably pick that just cause I like the sound of it.


It wasn’t too bad, but as you could imagine, at the highest levels of gameplay it became less useful.

At 30 the only useful thing was the… three official boss enemies made that exceeded the 30 level cap. (Fittingly two of them were gods and one was a great archfiend iirc)


Watching TFS play Nioh, and it looks fantastic.

May put cash into this weeaboo dark souls (not suuuper dark souls, it’s different in a lot of ways, but I think there are quite a few core similarities)


My Aunt’s TV remote turns on when it detects motion. All the buttons light up.

I have spent the past two minutes picking it up and putting it down.


Oh yeah, they just had DLC come out, didn’t they? I remember watching ENB play it like a year ago. Thought it looked fun, but the tone felt off to me.


Man, I have no idea lol

I hope so. I’d be more than happy to spend some cash on it since it does look real good.


I am



Banana milkshakes with ice cream are beautiful tho :’(


Oh the Belgians love it as well, for the dark humor of it.

Best scene is this one


Nah this is the best part



Me when I forget to take my medicine.