Say Something Random 5.4


I wish I could see the live show on stage…but the movie was amazing as well.

It’s like Les Miserables but with horses.


In fact…I can’t do a mech at all. There’s wayyyy too many details and I am not able to imagine myself how would a mech would look like from my point of view.
I found one which makes me shiver when I look at it, and I wish I could do something like that on a 120x120 canvas and sideway.

Without forgeting about Mother Russia Bleeds, I remember the boss from the street filled with CRS men. He has a big flamethrowing machine that blocks your way to the next chapter, and it made me think about Cabot piloting a mech as big as the ones from TitanFall.


Reminds me of my Wand of Wonder I had… loved that thing


Is dungeons and dragons like a video game lel




O my gawd, I NEED IT NOW




DM should have just ruled that bags of holding have a smaller storage capacity then. They really aren’t supposed to store insane amount or anything to begin with. (Well, waaaay better than carrying them yourself but still.)


I would put bags of holdings inside of bags of holding.


Can’t. At least not according to the player’s handbook.

I think they both get destroyed if you try that. Or try putting the bag inside a dimensional ability.


It’s like that classic meme where you open something and inside it is another thing that you have to open lol.


boooooooooring. Have them roll a d20 to see if they destroy the universe.


I vote to just turn/flip one inside out :smiley:


Also depends on what edition. They weren’t so rule heavy in earlier versions.


That’s mainly because things had been play tested enough to find loopholes like that.


That’s what happens if they roll a 5 you turn one of the characters inside out =D


I vote that everything gets sucked in :slight_smile: Then everything through random cosmic chance rearranges itself back to your universe before you did it.


Gotta be punishments for breaking DA RULES


I thought that was the GM taking my doritos away :stuck_out_tongue:


Snacks are a reward for good behaviour you don’t deserve doritos!