Say Something Random 5.4


I’m hungry and I’m on the bus… I smell someone’s subway and now I feel more hungry ; ~ ;


Smelling the subway while on a bus. :stuck_out_tongue:


I watched the other 2 during lunch, pretty awesome stuff


Ya, I’ve been really happy with Oats stuff recently :slight_smile:


Banana milkshakes are a crime.



To be fair, you never said it was a healthy shake

Just that you wanted to save your ice cream


Awww… had to give the kitty to a shelter. v.v



Dungeons and dragons has a 5e magic item called Bag of Tricks.

It lets you pull random animals out of it based off of the color of the bag.

You can get pull a tiger out of this bag. And then you can have the tiger attack things.


Yeah but Colin Farrell doesn’t like it in a movie so I feel confident stating that it’s poop

You leave my ppl alone


Coming from Collin Farrel, who hardly ever plays in a movie anymore these days, that doesn’t say much :slight_smile:


How dare you colin Farrel is a treasure

Uh you thinking of the right person?


Oh right, I forgot, he played in The Beguiled and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

Still, Bruges is a great place if only you know where to go.


I’m sure it’s good. I just love that movie and that is imo a fairly funny bit of dialogue


I once had a bag of holding that I stuff thousand of swords and hammers into and would teleport it into the air above people and then open it while it was being levitated. Another time I kept leaving it out under waterfalls to gather up water and then would unleash ‘mini floods’. After a while the GM ruled that bags of holding became extinct :frowning:


I saw a story where a party had to clear a dungeon of goblins so they just used an item that had unlimited water and flooded them out


I was searching for models to help me make a pixel art of Cabot in a mech, and I found this interresting WIP game called Antraxx.


Gonna be annoying trying to sleep… My nose is blocked >_<

Well, might as well try -3-
Nighty nights all o/

~fades into darkness and is gone~


G’night Kai.