Say Something Random 5.4


Sounds like a fancy idea >~<
I’ll be waiting here then :>


Gives hug Just kidding you’re the best now user I’ve ever seen Nyasha :stuck_out_tongue:






Chokes on chicken feet

Wot did I just watch?


Why were chicken feet in a location where they could get in your throat?


Eating a smaller milkshake so that I can make my supply of icecream last.

Life is hard.


I don’t know man, I don’t know



Also, update: I decided to have another milkshake.



Also, nooooooo ! My topic got merged here !



What flavour milkshake? Banana? :smiley:


I bought a VR Headgear for Samsung 8/7/6 for my sister…except that I forgot she has an Iphone 6. My father told me however that my mother have a Samsung 8 so it wasn’t unworthy. I also have a portable and waterproof speaker that used to be for my mother, so instead the VR will be for my mother and the speaker for my sister. They both cost over 100€ each, though.


The road to happiness is paved with good intentions


I found a kitty! ^^;;


Hey! You what mate. I grew up around there!



Added to watch later, thank you sir


There are 2 more that are done by oats studio as well. Pretty amazing stuff for an ingame engine :slight_smile: