Say Something Random 5.4


That’s a hard pass. I want to hack life without having to undergo surgery.


That’d be kinda boring though

Like once I cheat my way to opness in skyrim or oblivion I inevitably delete the character a couple hours later cause they’re boring by that point.


~hugs Katt then runs back to bed~

Too early in the morning to leave bed >~<


But there are other games! xD


But if you have godlike powers you’re gonna get bored.


\Is the bed. 8D Hi


That’s pretty creepy tbh not gonna lie.


Kai be like

and then


guys I hev new phon



hOiii -w-
~stays inside the bed~

going ice skating later with the familia >_<
I want to stay home and play games @~@

When Katt is giving affection, you stay >w<

… Only when she’s angery do you run o_o


You can’t run either way. There’s no running from mama >~>

Notice the girl running in place up in the gif


Since when did you call her mama?

confused what face


YOUR mama. I’m just referring.


Yeah, pretty much besides being a crappy game, it’s basically a copy-and-paste of the first one: Same exact gameplay and outdated graphics from 2014. No wonder why AngryJoeShow (a YouTuber I often watch) described it as “Destiny 1.5” exactly as my thoughts LMAO.


Graphics thing is straight inaccurate, and gameplay was changed noticibly… Although the latter point is a negative. Ability cooldowns being excessively long being the most common gripe I see.

Main issue Destiny 2 has is lack of endgame content. Most activities don’t have levels of difficulty or payoff that make them worth it. Especially at higher levels.

Mechanically a lot of players complain about how Destiny 1 at the end of its lifespan had better features and gameplay as a whole. If anything “Destiny 1.5” was what Destiny 1 was during Age of Triumph. And according to the community as a whole it would seem that was a good game.





Yes, this is true.