Say Something Random 5.4


30 is less stress on the system, especially considering how small it is. And 60 frames would murder the battery life, even at really sad resolution.


Don’t quote me on this but I think they said it’s 60 FPS when hooked up to the console and 30 FPS when in handheld mode




This is why we can’t have nice things tiger



TBH that was like 99% your fault.


You but you still have 1%!


Yeah but it’s in my nature I can’t change it anymore than you could fly when I defenestrate you.



I dunno why but I think I’ve only ever seen gifs of asians eating watermelons that fast



Is this some sort of contest for them lol


I unno. I’m pretty sure there are a couple fake ones in there though


Yeah some of them look sped up


Lmao. I call hax.


Watermelons are, as the name implies, mostly water. Half of the stuff they’re doing is just crushing it with their mouth. It’s completely possible.


@Kai Hi \Hugs


You can’t hax real life tho


Didn’t you hear about the Haxor Alphega?



Is it a wireless keyboard that can hack life?


It’s actually a helmet that performs surgery on your head and implents a hard drive to your brain allowing you to hack reality