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Dude! I watched it last night and I love it so much!!! OwO
I love the double A thing he talks about with Varus >.<

Imagine what sort of things your ninja waifu would say :’>

InB4 romantic stuff to shen x)

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That certainly is interesting :star_struck:


But I’d miss the old burst no matter what… :pensive:

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I’m fairly excited for Pokemon let’s go, but I do want another main series game to come out after that does, though.

It would suck if so many people have to to leave behind all the stuff they have caught and trained just cause Nintendo just wants to nail home the gimmicky mobile game.

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Man this guy I’m playing with is doing wonders for my KDR.


I’m fucking dying

Send help


I’m about to start UltraSun. Well, actually restart because my first attempt I didn’t get far before I started playing other games and just left my 3DS in my drawer :frowning:

That said, here’s the story team I have compiled so far:

  • Primarina Water/Fairy Modest type
  • Zoroark Dark type Timid
  • Raichu (from pikachu) electric/psychic Timid
  • Talonflame Fire/Flying Jolly
  • Gengar Ghost/Poison Timid
  • Garchomp ground/dragon Jolly

This should get me good enough type coverage, while most of these pkmn also have high speed stats (important in single).

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Unless it’s a nuzlocke, I don’t think that stuff is super important for a story run. For battling other people, sure, but in general it’s meh. Use what’s fun.

I also notice you don’t use Jolteon for your speedy electric type. Shame on you. As much as I like Alolan raichu (especially the one that knows surf), Jolteon is a much quicker mon. And the psychic coverage can easily be taken by Primarina OR Gengar, since they’re both special monsters and can learn psychic moves.

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Nah not gonna try nuzlocke, I feel like I would just pull my hair out attempting that. And yeah I could use that team for online battling but they’re anything but cohesive. They’re strong individually but online double battles has such a strong focus on synergy you can get wrecked so easily even if you think you found a good team.

I’ll probably focus on that once I’m done with the story and finished the pokedex.

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Tbh ultra sun is a bad one to Nuzlocke, but regular versions wouldn’t be bad if you wanted to try.

And screw double battles. That game’s frame rate dies when you do them. Especially if everyone uses Wailords.

Also, competitive isn’t real fun for me. Everyone tryhards too much for it to be enjoyable. Especially since people quit when you throw out certain mons. Like, had a guy quit when I used a Flygon and Rotom with earthquake and discharge spams.

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LOL, that must have been funny (probably not for that guy).

Also, what is your whole take on the “mega-evolution”? Ever since it got introduced it kinda bothers me. It just adds more complexity to the game, even though it didn’t need it.

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It was hilarious. But I never used that combo again cause it’s cruel.

It feels like digimon, but I do like the execution for the most part. Partially because a lot of them are for pokemon that either have no evolutions or have a chance to be much cooler looking, like Steelix or Absol (though some of them also suffer from over designing)

It also can change the dynamic of a battle, since some Pokemon change types when they mega evolve. Or get different abilities that they normally don’t have.

It does add complexity, but it really only impacts competitive scenes in that regard. In regular play it’s just a straight buff to your mons cause almost no NPCs use them.

In short, it is a concept I find cool. Not necessary, but I do enjoy how many of the megas look and the new gameplay factors they introduce. Wish it wasn’t something you had to initiate every single time they come into battle. Just have it change forms like Deoxys as long as they’re holding the stones.

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Yeah you’re right, it is awesome to use them, but it also feels a but too strong in my opinion. The again, when I was young I did my best to replace my team with a team full of legendaries before taking on the Elite 4 >.>


Yeah, a lot of them are pretty crazy. Kangaskhan, for example. Got grossly powerful with mega evolution.

But yeah, Pokemon’s sense of balance is kind of everywhere all the time. That’s why I had to specify. In regular play they’re fine, the problem is introduced when they powercreep the PvP stuff.

Though it makes me miss shenanigans with Shuckle and power trick.

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lol, I remember that. Was that not in combo with substitute first?

Also I really like setups like follow me, other pkmn can do substitute, then gets a free sword or dragon dance off

or belly drum baton pass

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Substitute works, sleep worked real well to take 2 or so turns building defense stats.

I really enjoy Toxapex for a similar reason, because it can learn 3 protective moves and has absolutely disgusting defense stats. Plus the ability Merciless is absolutely hilarious. Only issue is the fact that it’s water/poison type. Lots of common weaknesses.

I do miss the old days, when people could get away with goofy shit like that.

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All Mega Evolution now. Not sure if legendaries are banned again from VGC scene or not. Last I heard they were not (and everyone was running either Primal Groudon or Primal Kyogre with Mega Rayquaza)

(I may be a year or two behind)


Some Pokemon are banned from all competitive. Like Wobbuffet. And Mega Gengar. And Power Construct Zygarde.

The first 2 because Shadow Tag + Destiny bond is literally the meanest thing ever, and Zygarde because Power Construct is a glorious ability.

I also think Kangaskhan is banned for mega evolutions because the ability Parental Bond is crazy good.

It changes less than you’d think. When stuff gets banned it pretty much stays banned forever unless it gets nerfed.


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