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Also, all future SSR topics are to be created by the Moderation Team.

Have fun and keep the dank memes flowing.

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Say Something Random 5.3
Star Wars Battlefront 2 Update - Nothing changes with the changes!

;-; it was say something nice though you have betrayed me




party hard



New one? Okay, let’s dooo this one…

You’ve seen Haze but you’ve seen nothing of Orlock


That picture put the forums into read mode lol


A demons gonna do what a demons going to do


I’m not normally into romance/slice of life stories, but my god. Jitsu wa Watashi wa (Aka: The truth is…) is rapidly rising my list of all time favorite mangas. It’s got good feelsy moments, it has made me laugh harder than any other anime/manga, and it has supernatural stuff. My only complaint so far, is that it starts a bit slow.

Should we have an anime/manga recommendation thread? I know it usually just ends up here.


New phone who dis


We had one of those but it went down the path of waifu wars

Inb4 my link breaks


This doesn’t surprise me. I mean, I remember a thread that ended up being purely about Monster Musume, but I don’t remember what the original purpose of it was. Unless that’s the thread you are talking about.


That’s the one, yes.



I couldn’t make the grind through it all.

All the progress felt stiff and artificial. Even though it seemed to be such a cut and dry situation the author would go to great lengths to maintain the status queue.


It was likely my fault that the anime and manga thread turned into waifu wars. #NotSorry


I’m so bored help


How far did you get? I’m on 131 right now, and the past 50 chapters have been gold.


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