Say Something Random 5.3




I watched War for the Planet of the Apes, Your Name (Kimi No Na Wa) and A Silent Voice (Koe No Katachi) yesterday.

Is it normal to feel empty and hollow after that?



Dw, I’m just being silly :3

And one for 365 consecutive days!




target acquired


Once a year I’m gonna DDOS the forums for an entire day just so you can never have it.


git gud




I buckled today. I went to WalMart (yes again, because reasons), and I couldn’t pass up the Splatoonized Switch. However, I had to put it on layaway since Disney and Universal tapped me out…but we’ll see when I can get it out of Layaway. Was hoping I could swing it by Splatfest this weekend but, ah well. I’m so rusty and the controls system so new to me I will have to relearn it all over again and would be useless for my team.

Glad to hear you finally got yourself one! Did you get Splatoon 2?


We got poken, Breath of the wild and Mario kart 8. Unsure about splatoon 2, not sure if it’s a game for me.


No other game next to Evolve has captured my attention and love more than Splatoon.


Splatoon is a cool concept. But I wish there was something to it other than PvP.


Well, the mode that really has my new attention is Salmon Run which is co-op survival of waves of baddies. I think I may be most interested in Salmon Run over the typical ranked play I used to focus on before.


Can you customize your inkling?


Yeah, you buy it from the shops and get special stuff from other players and inklings in the hub world.


Still trying to find mine

And December could not come any sooner :sob:



Salmon Run sounds cool. Is that still co-op only, though?

That is really the only reason I don’t have it. Because I cannot do much online gaming.


What exactly is splatoon 2 about?..