Say Something Random 5.3


Saran wrap is cheaper and I don’t want my column to break


Tiger pelts are hella pricey. So yes.


Naw that’s an investment. When I die I’m gonna sell my pelt and use it to pay for my viking funeral where they launch me into the sun


Woah. Just like the vikings of old.



I love ham. I just had two toasted bagels with leftover ham.



She’s a demon so not quite Garra >.<"





That was horrible

sentences you to 10 years of hard labour


FTFY :smiley:


Anyone know why my FPS tanks whenever Jacob is in a cinematic in Rise of the Tomb Raider?


He is too much man for the engine to handle.


Currently playing the tomb raider before that one.

Is RotTR good?


More of the same. I enjoyed the first one


Gimme a link too? Plz?

Time to play with cats :3


2edgy4me kekekek





So apparently there’s a badge for showing up 100 consecutive days.

Go figure


Ur a badge!


You can look for her bio but this is her short story that everyone gets >.<