Say Something Random 5.3


What’s fun?


I haven’t found my calling yet :joy: :sob:

Same way that Brawlhalla is fun (except Pokemon)

It’s because she abooses me all the time!


How dare you



New badges are being added! :smiley:


\Steals your badge.



I got the 365 day one.

Get on my level.




Witness me.


Oof, I would have it too if I hadn’t taken that month long break earlier in the year.


Impossible for me with my job lol.


Pretty sure it worked simply because I always leave it open haha.


See I respect my computer and turn it off when I’m not using it.


Leaving something constantly turned on is how I show affection?


My WalMart is once again well stocked with Switches…but this time I might be drooling because they got in the Splatoon 2 edition. I found myself kinda leaning towards the glass it all lied behind. Must…resist…


Sledge. YOU’RE BACK. \Hugs ;-;

We got a Nintendo switch!


I do that all the time. Did it for Injustice 2 and Destiny and Infamous: Second Son lol

Although when I do walk down that isle now. I always try to look for Evolve. It’s dying out these days. Haven’t seen a copy within a few weeks.

Where does all that money go to anyways?


all fixed =D


Yes… because saran wrap fixes your foundation… smh

Should have used duct tape… duct tape fixes everything.



Do I look like i’m made of money?


Stop buying saran wrap then.