Say Something Random 5.3


I dunno. I am very much a ‘monkeys and typewriters’ kinda guy. Just gonna throw myself at the problem until it is no longer a problem.


I really like figuring things out on the fly too… it makes you a differnt style of player ^.^ in all sorts of games…



I’m not gonna play her but I still really like her @w@



Liking the new Eve takes some skill (not gameplay, personality-wise)





Before sleeping, I’m gonna read her new story and stuff in the universe page >~<



Please be ghost stories


Lol, Alice is over here killing lynels without getting hit once.


Well Alice is a tryhard just like you and Krystal!!

~runs away crying~


Alice is innocent af… until she starts playing games… then she’s just a straight up murderer… don’t mess with Alice.

Actual image of Alice…


When Alice is good at a game, neither Krystal or I can defeat her.


That’s scary.

Scarier still when you consider how innocent Alice normally is…


Alice is insanely good at L4D. Beat it on that realism expert mode. Solo.

Krystal and I can’t even do that together. :confused:


she is the devil o.o

She baps me all the time for NO reason. I’m being abused cries


Ya big baby. Take it like a man. smh


Abuse isn’t okay just because he’s a man, Loren.


I…am a bit jealous of that. I am god-awful at L4D. Bad at all zombie games, though.

She baps you because you’re silly. Stop bein silly and she stops bapping you.

Notice how I don’t get it? It’s because I’m not silly.


Lol. Each one of us has a game we’re the best at. Krystal is a… master at Bloodborne. Beat Father Gasoline with a Waste of skin character without leveling up. Ayy…

I’m good at Pokemon and uh… Smash bros.


How is that even fun?! I won’t ever understand you guys.