Say Something Random 5.3



Dying right now XD


Oh no, there’s more XD


Back in 1 minute, just dying




What do you think of the gameplay itself? Not that it matters. I’m probably just gonna end up buying it so I can wander around the maps in a euphoric daze… :smiley:


I finally beat Breath of the wild, now to 100% it! ^^;;









a hat in time


I like me some alien meh mehz >.<

Evelynn is comiiiiing >~<


Tfw someone tells you to call them but doesn’t answer the fucking phone.



Warning: It takes FOREVER.

Hyped? Not much, because I’m not a fan of succubuses. StillKayn4Me


I suck at that game!


What exactly do you suck at? (Perfect Parry, Flurry Rush etc?)


The combat in general, really. (Though bosses don’t really give me trouble, just the 4+ enemy encounters afield that bother me.)

Rather different from traditional Zelda, but not enough like other RPGs for that experience to matter.


Taking them out requires a skilled fighter, indeed. You have to be able to perform Flurry Rushes with ease to defeat them, which is quite hard to do.

Actually, the game is so Flurry Rush-focused, it gets a little unfair. It’s really hard to defeat a Gold Lynel without Flurry Rushes, for example (without using a lot of items, that is).