Say Something Random 5.3


That’s Star wars: Battlefront 2. Notice the colon.

(Why do game names have to be so dumb lately? First BF1 and now this lol)


I had this queued up so that was totally intentional… o.0

(Given how much misusing “your” triggers me, I feel so ashamed right now XD)

Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight :stuck_out_tongue:


I swear on my dead sea monkeys!



How many people here would be interested in reading a book about dinosaurs?
Accurate of course. And not modern day.


I would read it


How cute.



Yeah it’s pretty cute. That is until it uses ice claw and goes across half the stage only for it to then combo you into oblivion. Granted I haven’t played Pokken Tournament in awhile so maybe it’s changes. I can’t wait to get a switch and play my Mewtwo


That it is


That’s what makes it cute.


Yes I too find a murderous cat who can literally form ice out of thin air cute




Here have these, Ya’ll. I don’t know what I’m saving em for.
This one has a loudish f bomb, so click responsibly.



8 hours left. Great games I really enjoyed em they’re turnbased isometric rpgs.