Say Something Random 5.3


Halloween approaches


In the background, there is an officer with some incredible makeup on, yet we never get to actually see it. LIttle touches like that are nice. I wonder how long the actress had to be in the chair for a background character?


Just leave him be.







I figured out all of these, but the last one is out of order and is a mislead If it was in correct order, my method worked



My cat sleeps on my computer chair and then refuses to leave it when I get down so now I’m sitting on her.


It’s nothing ^^;
Just me being edgy



But that’s politely asking someone not to stalk you, practically. Which is good
You can’t be edgy like that, did the illness kill your edginess, or did El Tigre seriously beat you up?


I beat him with my belt ouo


I stalk you



Oh @DarkMesa I forgot to mention during our little chat that while playing Skyrim again, I noticed an interesting little tidbit. Apparently Jarrin Root is a VERY potent poison ingredient. At Alchemy 55 or so, most of my poisons were doing around 30 damage or so. Add Jarrin Root? 1300 poison damage.


It’s a pain to get without console commands. since there’s only one in existence in the whole world. :stuck_out_tongue:


GPU hasn’t been the same after installing/playing Star Wars Battlefront II beta


Not too long now. I don’t know how I feel about that driving range personally. I don’t think that would work for me.


Was gonna say that it is pretty rare.

but you can still get pretty awesome poisons by combining some ingredients. As I recall, River betty can make poisons do quite a bit more damage. Could be wrong though.


What do you mean exactly?