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But they also buy keys from the distributors, same as GreenManGaming does (or really ANY third party store does, actually). I think the ‘thriving off selling ill-obtained keys’ bit was exaggerated. There was a number of them, yeah. But they’ve been doing business for years without anything particularly shady going on.

I’ve gotten a couple cheap games off of there with no issues, in any case.

I do agree, though. The key insurance is less than great for their image. Smart legal move, bad PR move.


The point is there shouldn’t have been any.

But they’ve been doing business for years without anything particularly shady going on.

I heard about them on an extremely regular basis on reddit it’s tapered off but for a couple months there was a shit ton of stories about them. They’re shady, they buy stolen keys, that devs would rather you torrent their games than buy from G2A, that cancelling g2a shield is a pain in the ass, people have been automatically signed up for g2a shield.

cancelling g2a shield

banned a guy after he brought up an exploit to them

I’ve gotten a couple cheap games off of there with no issues

Yeah and most people will probably be fine. I’m just sayin it’s a scummy company.

Smart legal move

Not really. It’s a move from a cheap company that knows they buy stolen keys and isn’t willing to swallow the cost.


I agree. But if most people are fine, then it is hardly “thriving” off of the stolen shit. Not disagreeing that it’s shitty and wrong, only that you did exaggerate.

No, it was smart. It was just super fucking shitty. It can be both. Some thieves are smart, but they’re still thieves.

I won’t defend the site. They have done some scummy things, of course. But the vast majority of people get on with it fine. I do draw the line at exaggerating, though. It was shitty, yes. It happened 10000x more times than it reasonably should have or is acceptable, yes (even Steam gives out faulty keys from time to time). But it doesn’t mean that everything there is a scam, or even that they thrive off of scams.

I was simply telling the fine people of the forum about the pretty good deal for Shadow of War. If they decide to use it or not is up to them.

There were several months of keys not working or being stolen/flagged/banned, etc, but aside from that fiasco (which, I agree shouldn’t have happened) they have mostly had smooth sailing. Doesn’t redeem them, but their track record is still mostly clean.


They have insurance and people are willing to buy it for a reason.

People went there because of the amazing deals they heard about that were because G2A is super lax when it comes to buying stolen keys.

Explain to me why it’s a smart legal decision then. It doesn’t protect them anymore than a disclaimer would. All they do is get suckers to pay money for something that should be guaranteed.

And I was simply pointing out that it’s a shady company that they may or may not want to give their money to.

Cleaning up your act after the fact does not make your track record mostly clean.


Well, a disclaimer would be required to say that the key may be stolen or otherwise unable to work because it is invalid for some other reason. That could put them in legal trouble by itself. But insurance doesn’t have to say that. It can just say that it protects you if your key is stolen or doesn’t work.

It’s smart because people pay for it and it keeps them out of trouble. If it weren’t shitty, I’d commend them for it.

And you’re free to do so, but it feels like you’re getting mad at me for being objective. I dunno if you actually are getting mad at me, but it doesn’t really feel like it’s a friendly discussion.

No, but the fact that it was clean before and there has been no fuck-ups since means that it’s mostly clean. What you read about, what got blown up and freaked out over was fairly limited. Maybe 3 months of people finding their keys don’t work, after however many years of business, isn’t that much in the end.

I agree that it never should have happened, and now they’re scummy after it. But the fact remains that, for the most part, they aren’t currently any worse than anyone else. Valve sells busted keys on occasion, I had to buy Dragon Age Inquisition twice because fuck those guys, and one of my Warcraft trial codes was useless even though I got it from a new copy of Diablo 3.


I haven’t had goosebumps running down my spine when it comes to comics for a very long time.

Apparently, R’s journal made it to the general public.


But offering insurance isn’t gonna protect them from being sued for selling a non-functional key.

Except it wouldn’t keep them out of trouble.

A disclaimer saying your key may or may not work is the same as offering insurance for keys being stolen or not working.

Either way they’re saying hey we can’t guarantee our keys so we had to add this.

Not mad just trying to inform you and by extension anyone interested in buying from G2A the laundry list of problems people have had with them.

Also I think the most important bit is the article I linked that had a dev saying “Pirate my stuff instead of buying stolen keys please”

It wasn’t though. They only started cleaning up after all the stolen key stuff started coming to light and gaming communites and devs started putting out warning about not buying from G2A.

There is a huge difference between selling busted keys and providing a market to sell stolen keys.

Stolen keys may be charge backed which ends up costing the devs money.


Well it kind of does. It’s abusing how insurance works. It makes sure you don’t lose money for a key that’s non-functional for any reason. If you don’t lose money, you can’t sue. The catch is that you still spend money on the insurance, even if the game is a bust, but you also have no grounds to sue the company since you technically didn’t lose the money for the key. No money lost, can’t sue. And you can’t exactly sue for paying on insurance you chose to get by buying from that company.

Full legal protection for them while they still make money off of you, even if the key is shit.

I was already aware. I also know that people have a tendency to exaggerate some things.

That was certainly interesting. Had never seen that bit before. I do feel bad for them.

No argument here. Except that, presently, they have no more issues than Steam does aside from the damn insurance and lack of customer service. Though the latter can also be applied to Steam.

That…shouldn’t happen. Last I checked, most devs don’t generate their own keys except for trials and giveaways, so it should have stopped at the distributor that they got stolen from. So that bit is kinda shady on the distributor’s part.



Yeah but it’s only protecting you from schmucks that do buy the insurance. The disclaimer would also probably stop the schmucks from suing as well.

Keys aren’t limited to only steam. Uplay, origin, GoG. If a dev sells it through their store front to avoid the 30% cut that steam would normally take.

Origin and Uplay are mostly selling their own games through their service.

GoG is owned by the CD Projekt which sells old games as well as their own

It’s not direct hits to the devs generally but hits to the publishers for EA/Ubi or CD Projekt aren’t good for the devs either


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The insurance also makes them money. Providing them a safety net AND cash. The insurance isn’t about the players, though. It saves their ass more than ours. Also, I think I said it earlier - them blatantly admitting that a key could be stolen on their site is bad juju. Even if they already have a bad rep, just blatantly coming out that you may or may not be selling bogus keys is simply idiotic. Especially in a disclaimer. “You may or may not be giving us a fistful of cash for an error message and a perma-ban from ‘X’ service. Use at your own risk”. Sound like somewhere you wanna shop?

Disclaimers might protect them just as well, but it doesn’t make them money and it makes them look worse than they already do. PR is super important, even for assholes. Insurance makes you look more reputable than a disclaimer any day.

I know it’s not just limited to Steam. Hence my use of the broader term “distributor”, because I know that Uplay and Origin exist. I only use Steam as an example because pretty much everyone who games knows what Steam is. Easier to relate to something people are aware of. Uplay is a bit less known, and people just dislike Origin and we like to ignore that they exist when possible. Though a lot of Origin games also come on discs, so keys aren’t always a necessity.

You’re also right about Uplay and Origin selling their own stuff, though Valve has tons of games. I think publishing an indie game through Steam makes it partially theirs, so they might technically have more games than most publishers do.

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It would probably take me the better part of a week to get that downloaded. Maybe a whole week.


Which makes it a good business decision not a good legal decision.

them blatantly admitting that a key could be stolen on their site is bad juju

they admit that by offering insurance. Notice how no other reputable site offers insurance?

I mean “hey buy our insurance otherwise you might get fucked by us selling stolen keys” isn’t anymore confidence inducing.

They’re charging me to provide a basic service.

Business decision not a legal decision.

Indie devs can publish it on steam then generate as many keys as they want sell the steam keys through their store front and avoid steams cut.

Steam might start cracking down on that though. Something recent happened with people publishing “fake” games or asset flips with cards enabled and then giving keys to bots to farm and then sell on the steam marketplace.

There there tricks it’ll be alright.


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