Say Something Random 5.3


What did they do to my Kindred? I always saw the downhill but they actually did it 8(

Any new Junglers for me to play with? Just started playing league again.



This is superior weapon


What did you not like about the gameplay?


y’all are too gosh darn quiet!


Since none of you are talking I’m gonna put this here to show my disappointment


I saw your message earlier and meant to reply, but I was working.

What is this, the random thread? Ok I got one…


A dream, to some. A NIGHTMARE TO OTHERS

I was dying for a chance to use that in another thread but they never set me up for it.


So that’s where your profile pic comes from?


Yeah, one of my old favorites.


Εvery time I see a ‘Wild Hunt is overrated’ thread on Steam . . .


‘‘Damn you’re ugly’’


Gets hit by monsoon

“Looks like rain.”


“How do you like that silver?”


Some Gears of War 2




Godzilla 2014 is more realistic than Game of Thrones magic.

That is all.


Me and @LorenTheGinger returned a lost dog today



Turns out the dog was running away from its abusive owner! But it’s the thought the counts./joke


Owner accidentally left the door open…

Up Close FOOL!


My dogs might run off, but they know where they eat and sleep, so I have no worries they’d be back before the end of the day if ever they got out.

Though thinking about it, one of them has done exactly that same thing lol