Say Something Random 5.3


I’ve never really seen a Half Tank Vei before. Is it any good?


Clearly the game is about the struggle of the working class during the US industrial era.


Check the image that I put in the original post, and you tell me. That was Ranked.


Everything about that statement is wrong.


HOLY- What elo is this?


That was high Silver.

Here are some more examples:







Boost me. :frowning:


What’s your name on League? I wouldn’t mind playing a few games.


All of it is right. xd


Errr. Well, I’m on EUNE Servers so idk if that complicates things but my name on league is Sorcayus


Ugh, it does. I could possibly make an EUNE smurf and help you out. RIP. I’m on NA.


Nah no rush, I’ll probably just sit with silver again this season, idk if I can be arsed climbing lol


Kek. Alrighty, whatever floats your boat. I wish I was back in Silver.


You really don’t. >_>


I swear, I do. Gold is terrible. Nobody even talks, and it gets so boring. People play so safe, so no clown fiestas. Bronze and Silver were the most fun I’ve ever had.


Bronze and Silver are fucking toxic.


Toxicity is what I live for though. I love being the guy that tilts people by being nice.


They DO towerdive and all that crazy stuff, they just do it more carefully. Still, Gold isn’t all that different. The real competitive stuff starts around Plat III (Gold V - Plat IV are full of eloboosters)


Gold isn’t TOO different, I just had more fun in Bronze/Silver. More shitfests.


Cause I’m having a good time!