Say Something Random 5.3


But it’s impossible to suck at Talon o_O
You just stack up 3 stacks of your passive and trigger it whenever possible. Other than that, you just last hit minions.
When jungling, you jump behind the enemy and kill them in quick succession.
At team fight, you just take out the enemy mage/ADC. With the damage sources gone, your team finishes up the rest, so it’s okay to die after taking the mage/ADC out.



I always loved the monsters in GoW, but man I hated the gameplay.


Cook food, sell it, instant 20-160 rupees depending on effectiveness.


Uh, not if you’re a brand new player. You won’t have access to those cooking items.

Finally got to play, got killed by a chameleon few minutes later…


Well semi-rare materials aren’t hard to get at ~30 minutes in. Potions made with tougher monster parts can also sell well.

If she is off the plateau, then I could absolutely see her making some real dosh.

(Like the food/potions that increase attack or defense sell really well, and those ingredients are common enough)



I’ve only ever seen/heard this used in Killing Floor 2 but urban dictionary tells me it’s slang…


Dunno man, I think it’s because I like to play as a Tank most of the time I just don’t adapt quickly to that playstyle . _ .


I love to see how insects and arachnids move around, they look so mechanical that it just astounds me. Insects have some of the best movement to study for animators and I just came across this video. If you are interested in movements I suggest you watch this clip.


Wait, are we talking about League of Legends? I think you guys are forgetting the best champion in the game.



Veigar is rather risky to play nowadays. He receives his powerspike very late in the game, and he gets killed easily by assassins.


I play him because I love playing him. If you love a champion enough, you’ll learn how to deal with the counters.

Half-Tank Veigar is the secret.


Yes. He be a lategame champ and always was.



I wish I didn’t have to half-tank Veigar, I have more fun with AP, but NOOO, AP itemization has to be trash. : ^)


That’s okay. Veigar makes his own AP.


Anyone want a little tease from my game?


Veigar may make his own AP, but with half-tank, it takes longer to scale up to that point. Full AP is a lot more fun. I JUST WISH I COULD GO BACK TO ONE SHOTTING FOOLS AND THEN BEING HARASSED BY THE ENEMY TEAM ABOUT HOW OP HE IS.


Sure, show it!


It says literally nothing about the game. :stuck_out_tongue: