Say Something Random 5.3



watch it, then go back and see him

steal her watch at around 1:20, nothing to do with the trick.


The tarmgrades or whatever (aka water bear) … those little guys will solve many many safty issues with not only deep space but so many more things… Loves those little critters… They can survive anywhere.
Im guessing you realize how nifty this little guys are


@Kai I started to main Talon alongside Akali and Kayn :>


Did you, you know, eat them?


Yes and it was magical


Yep! Now she’s bigger.


I’m going to be sick, what the hell is that?


I thought I knew what it was, but after watching the video, I don’t know anymore. However, I will say that I’m never leaving my house again, so TRS, we need to talk about working remotely.

Edit: How could they both remain so unbelievably chill about the whole thing?


Kayn’s hairstyle is showing up a lot now. Shadow Eve is getting it, and then also Dragonblade Talon O.O

I suck as Talon, only ever play him on Blood Moon >_<"
Well… Make that for all assassins ^^;




I DID IT! I DID IT! Chicken Dinner ya’ll!


only 6 kills



How you most likely felt:



2 at the beginning of the game.
2 in a row towards the beginning of end game, pushed it into top 10.
Killed 1 with a frag grenade after downing him. Partner killed other.
Then I rushed the last guy and Vector’d him.

Funny story this match is. Started out in the bottom left of the map, in that place left of the pier. Landed and killed the 2 guys. Drove a boat for a long time and ran North for quite a while, separate from my 1 alive teammate by that point. Get a lot of loot, 200+ for my AKM and Vector. Meet up with my teammate and we just run for a while North. Then we get into the top 33 and the circle is getting close. It’s foggy so we can’t see too far but we can see people running on roads and getting into firefights. We just crawled around for a while. Avoided fighting, just crawled around until we got into a small circle. Then a guy walked right in front of me, killed him when he turned round, then killed his teammate. Got downed while shooting another guy, teammate got me. Outside of circle so I got downed instantly, crawled into circle and got revived again. Crawl some more, get that frag kill after a small gunfight, back to the crawling. The circle gets to as small as it will be, so I rush to the top of the hill this guy is on and catch him by surprise.

Then I took this screenshot and felt happy because it validates my strategy of being passive.


I love our Nintendo switch. Now if only I was allowed to play. <\3


Finally getting to play it?

Ah, that edit.


I heard Rupees are extremely hard to get in the beginning, one hour in and Alice has 1.6k… the hell.

And has a horse.


Horses are not that hard to get in this Zelda. You basically just have to find one, and if you have enough stamina, you can tame it.