Say Something Random 5.3


I miss the phone vibrators you could feel from 3 feet away…


How lewd, tiger. This is a family-friendly forum.


Yeah, nobody here is lewd ever. Ever.


I beg to differ on you, Trickshot AND Tiger

  • The joke

  • The Exosphere

  • The Thermosphere

  • The Mesosphere

  • The Stratosphere

  • The Troposphere

  • Your head, you lovable goofball.




Oh so he’s lovable but I’m not? I see how it is! Cries in lonely corner


You, too, are a lovable goofball. But Specialist is the lovable goofball I played Evolve with :stuck_out_tongue:


I accept

my fate


Hey, hey, now, it’s been a while since that happened.


Wonder what would happen if we got 4 people and you on monster

Would instincts kick back in or would you be a rusty spoon?


Last time I played some bots I still crushed 'em pretty good. Probably a bit of both though since I haven’t played humans in a while.


@Kai xD


Pewds makes a response:



Yes! I have this as my pfp in one of my social media thingies >.<

I love it @w@


Back in the 90’s I was picked to run an Arcade. I filled the place with KI, Samurai Shodown, King of fighters and more. but on of my favorite memories was the locals I built up, every now and then… I would treat them to something…

back in the 90’s I got my hands on this movie when it was released in Japan… My subbed one was on VHS and I decided to play it in the Arcade and when the locals showed up and saw it… I brought out pizzas for everyone.

ahhh fun times.

biggest difference that irked me from this to the dub? The Chun Li Shower scene music. The american one was god awful rock pick, and the Japanese one was more a slow beat, a crying music if you will

<-Original Music from Japan que’d up

<-american music que’d up


Das gross ur gross. But srsly I can have the phone in my pocket and miss the vibration if I’m not expecting it


And I found out that Star Guardian Ahri asks you out when you get a pentakill (Shadow Assassin Kayn :3) I learned that in a really bad way though… (I was playing with GF) And now, I’m grounded for one week —___—