Say Something Random 5.3


I don’t think it’s appropriate of you to be talking about 9/11 and conspiracies on this forum.


I agree completely. It just instills fear in children. My daughter was terrified for days after watching it at school.


Probably for the best…I wouldn’t be able to stay my tongue.


They should at minimum allow for the parents to sign a waiver for that crap like they do for EVERY SINGLE MOVIE they see. They send me home a slip that tells me how many cuss words and any and all graphic scenes in a movie and ask for my written signature for my child to view it. Example…Where the Red Fern Grows…they made a bullet point list of all of the emotional parts in this movie. But oh no, nothing for 9-11.

My son was drawing pictures of it for a few days, and even was crashing Lego planes into Lego towers he built. I was so angry I took it up with the school, who already love me since I really don’t like surrendering my license just to enter the building like it’s a state-run prison…and they just looked at me like I’m the weirdo for NOT wanting my then 6 year old to see that!

Permission slip for dogs dying…check
Permission slip for planes crashing into buildings…
Permission slip for people jumping from buildings…


Link it to me in a PM please and I’ll try to listen to it later.


oh SURE, yeah, and for the record… I wasn’t talking about it… but I know quite of few people here would like this topic tonight. ^.^

Other than that, Sledge I will send you the link or I can send the link once the shows over… that way you can just jam out on youtube with it.


So still no power, finally got cell reception back about three hours ago, but no actual damage to my house and all occupants are unharmed from Irma rolling through.

Figured I would give an update.


Did you shoot at the hurricane?


I have no good comeback to this, but no.


very disappointing.


My power just came back a little bit ago after having been out since around 6 this morning and cell signal is still gone, I am using my wi-fi (which is still spotty because it’s satellite internet)

Seriously, though. Good luck, I hope you don’t find any damage in the morning and that your power comes back soon.




I honestly don’t think Pewds did anything wrong. He used a mildly bad word once in moment of thoughtlessness. Big whoop.


I got to see an execution


Those are always fun!

Also props for the phone not being at 2% battery which seems to be customary for screen shots.


the script extender for skyrim special edition is in alpha and just got released.


Hey! I’m usually above 50%



And it will be glorious.