Say Something Random 5.3


I slip it out sometimes too, it’s the internet news and the most popular YTer. They will make money off of anything. He’s even made videos on news



I’m not the one who’s had a harem, scythe >…>"


Ooh! Are we posting H3 videos now? I love that channel!




I fell alseep eating a sandwich.


Are you not sleeping much lately or…? o_o

I should sleep myself >.<


For the russians here who have a crush for competitive heavy vehicles, I let you watch this video I found with Eduard Nikolaev jumping 37m in a KamAZ 4326. The video really impressed me TBH and I love it.

RedBull really put some quality in it.


I have no idea why I passed out.



Someone drugged your sandwich…


I hope it’s nothing serious… Did you get a nice dream at least Katty? >~<

Maybe I’ll watch a few YouTube videos first >.<


Like how people put pills in their dogs bologna to knock them out so they can take them to the vet?



You’d be lucky if your kidnapper took you to the vet…

sleep time =.~


Oh no katt got spayed o.o


Or her kidney was stolen~


I wonder if katt kidneys taste good…


Tonight if anyone is interested in listening to an entertaining podcast about 9/11 we are covering it tonight on spacedoutradio. 9PM PST / 12AM Sydney

While we don’t script the shows, I would imagine that the flow might go from serious, to conspiracy, and who knows where else. but it should be a decent show.

(really easy to get your questions answered btw)


Nanothermite. If one still believes the official narrative of 9-11 then I don’t know what to say.

Also, I am really angry once again this year that they showed video footage to the elementary grades of school kids. I see no reason for it. It desensitizes and/or traumatizes them…especially if they are due to fly on a plane soon. Oh sure you can say it’s history all you want to, and it is, but since when do they teach current history to the children? While 9-11 was happening did they cover it live in schools then? I am unsure why but this really infuriates me.