Say Something Random 5.3


Ur a rude young lady sends back to finishing school


You’re a rude young lady, too. Hypocrite.


I’m just rude.


I saw dat spelling mistake.

But I am not a young lady I am an old fart! I’m almost middle aged o.o


Ur a dirty man wanker!


The dirtiest ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Back to the pm you two


Make me! >:^(


New song stuck in my head is La Bamba -3-



Oh sledge, were you the one I was talking to about the fukushima? if so, we had a show with an expert last night on spacedoutradio… let me dig it up… one sec.

one one thousand, okay below is a youtube audio file link.

Nuclear Update with Libbe HaLevy


I just stopped by my Best Buy…they have about 5 Nintendo Switch. Keep checking your locals stores mates, my town seems to get them in stock very frequently.


:< I’m so jealous ☆Moves in with you☆ ouo Mom, get me a Nintendo switch!


Seriously, if you ever get hard up just send me a PayPal and I can grab one. At this point I could get the standard or neon joy-cons. But again, you’d have’ta add shipping so, within the US it would be an additional $20.


I’ll try to look into this.


I’ll ask my mom o:




My mom convinced another mom not to get her 10 year old son Destiny 2 at Gamestop today. he cried. o3o


So ur mom distracted his mom while you bullied him… smh.

Also why?


Because it was rated T for teens. o.o Katt hates little kids playing online games that have no business being there.


To offer another person’s perspective, is it really Katt’s business to do that?

I mean, I know I wouldn’t want a stranger telling me how to raise my kid. Granted, she did a fantastic job herself, it’s outright rude to tell someone else how to do it. Personal feelings aside.

(That said, I will likely ask her for advice myself when I have kids of my own)