Say Something Random 5.3


poor popo D=


So I go with my father to buy a new gamecube controller because my old ones, after 10-15 years, have finally given out.

But my father wanted to knock a lot of birds out with 1 stone, so he made me pick a bunch of stuff, and now in addition to my brand new Gamecube controller, I also have PX24 Turtle Beach headphones and a copy of Bayonetta 2.


Oof gimmie dat bayonetta.


☆Steals all the things☆ ouo


I would but I have always been quite curious about them. One of those games I sorta wanted to get but didn’t want to do so if it was inconvenient.


Go back to sucking at life


They’re good games. The first one is on PC if you’re interested in that.

Already there, my dude.


I guess I now have something to spend part of that 22.40 that has been floating around in my Steam Wallet since Christmas when I got like 175 dollars

☆Steals all the food☆ “ouo”


Ooh I can get behind the food idea
Let’s steal that


Steal all of her drinks too.


My snacks. D’:


It’ll make you happier at the scales
Let us get fat instead


She’s smol, let her eat the food.


My snacks now. >:^)

I wish food did that to me. I am getting heavier but I can still see my ribs…


You’re lucky man. I gain muscle fast and gain fat fast so I have to watch what I eat if I wanna stay toned/good shape. There is no happy medium
Sadly eats chicken and veggies :’[


I don’t watch what I eat at all o.o


Cause you’re a scrawny cat


It’s metabolism, nothing you can control. I can’t stand being still for too long. A little bit of movement goes a long way, but I’m almost always moving.

Dunno if this has anything to do with metabolism but despite how lean I am, people tell me I’m very warm to the touch, so maybe I burn a lot as is.


ur just jelly


My weight is okay! ☆Screams☆