Say Something Random 5.3


Yeah, I had the same issues with it… but it actually got better as it went… my favorite was the desk lamp and the hair ties.


Sometimes you talk as if you were a clickbait video o.o


How was that clickbait? does it help that it must be part of my inadvertent skill set? ^.^


Making clickbait isn’t a skill o.o


but I didn’t make any videos to watch… ^.^

and yes, clickbait = marketing


This is why you adults are gross. You’re supposed to entertain people not fill up your wallets!



Top 10 Anime battles


Implying you’re not an adult?

Ok, this can be worked with smol one.


I have never done a post like that or found a video from what I remember of top 10 anime battles… but if you must have one it would look something like below.

Top 10 Anime Battles in my lifetime

Macross - Initial Zentradi Attack
Akira - Kaneda vs Tetsuo
Evangellion - orchestrated fight

well I could go into more, but those 3 right there cover more than 10 spots ^.^

EDIT:: Just searched, your the only Top 10 Anime battles post aside from something buried by someone else

Now if you talking about the videos of like the top 10 mistakes videos on youtube (seen above with Harley and Batman) Then you have to know I am an animation major and I love finding good animation and mistakes and I like to show them to the community.


Now what they don’t tell you, is that it was a bet!


I…don’t think you understood what she was going for.

She was poking fun at you for seeming like you do a lot of clickbait, which you kinda do, and then “☆Baps☆”-ed you. Implying that her doing so was one of the “Top 10 anime battles” memes/clickbaits on the internet. She wasn’t saying you make them lol

Seems like it all went over your head. And now it’s no longer amusing because it had to be explained.



Consider it done @The_Specialist


Hey even anime acknowledges the nerds… 8P


Sometimes I feel like nobody wants me… That I’m just a burden to everyone I talk too…


You are a good man :smiley:

Woah there buddy, take it slow. I can’t speak for some people but I knos me and Loren enjoy talking to you


I feel yah, but hey i can always pester ya ^.^


another abridged group, while I don’t like the levels in the piece, the beginning song had me sold…



wow, check it out. who gets a cookie? Evolve! yes you do!

althought it looks like its turned into a play a game, jump off come back to it later… but still. in the last 2 weeks 59k people or plays of the game…


This guy is one of the best for earthquake tracking. He is always on point.


@Maximumlimit15 we are 459…well now 458 posts from releasing another photo :smiley: