Say Something Random 5.3


Vacums up tears nope not dying today :slight_smile:


\Steals your Ramen.


Silly, Katt! All that was left was the bowl.


That Is just really rude. Smh rich people.

~Remembers Loren has rich parents~

…carry on.


I saw in an article that there is bots in CSGO that can spam the chatbox, but apparently the reason why those bots were made is for a good reason. The guy who did those bots blame the lack of security in the game and explain that the devs of CSGO don’t do much to fix the bugs and ban the hackers. He in fact fight the hack by the hack to sum up.

The bots spam the chatbox by explaining the big issues of the game and by telling that if the players want a better game and give some attention to Valve, they’d have to stop playing so Valve could worry about that.
And apparently, it worked enough to scare Valve. And it is said that they’re now more active to fix the bugs and ban the hackers…as well as the one who did the bots…

Honestly, I’d give a lot of respect for the hacker who made those bots, even if sometimes they can be invasive. But I don’t play CSGO so the game doesn’t matter to me. It’s just that I’m happy to see at least that there is people who use the power of hacking to make things better and not for scamming or cheating. It reminds me of Mahatma Gandhi who’s goal was to be a pacifist activist.


Ha! Rich parents! RIIIIIiiiight… who do you think I am? Bruce Wayne pre-alley-mugging?


Well, being THAT rich would fix your love life real fast.


Excuse me one moment…

*becomes Bruce Wayne pre-alley-mugging*

Ight, gotta go to work. Peace out (for now).


Well hello there…
~Remembers Mountain is watching~
cough Whaaaaat?

Later. Have fun.


so you’re like 8 now? Are you sure you’re allowed to work?


Well, I’m already seduced.


Red Lobster was good


rubbing her face in it…

gives spec a scooby snack


Went to Dairy Queen too


niperet sah decalpsim noissegra sdradwot em

dna ti sekam em das


Noice make sure to tell her how good it was and how your parents wanted to get her a blizzard but you convinced them not to


1342 was an okay year. Not the best, not the worst.


Tornado hit Tulsa.

Couldn’t get a good pic of Vintage Stock but the entire store is collapsed inwards.


I thought this was a meme dump…but it’s just a dump

literally. That’s really bad, I had what tornadoes do to houses, makes me depressed


I find it fascinating.
RIP Whataburger.