Say Something Random 5.3



More like it has variation in seasons. Florida has two seasons. Rain and hot. That’s it. Even winter.

NC had all 4 seasons.

But if it IS Tim, he’s a dick.


A lot of states have all four seasons, just move a bit further north lol

No one said he wasn’t.


It’s the Grineer.


Nice Lotus pfp. Space Mom approves.


We have no choice, I’m moving there


I know. Loren told meh. Not a bad state to live in. IIRC it has places where people go to snowboard.


I’ve gone skiing once for a school trip… I hate snow. *goes to get flame thrower to burn snow*


I have never been, but I hate basically all non-walking, non-swimming physical activity.


Sounds about right. Lmao





Almost looks a lot like @Maximumlimit15 as a baby


We have now entered a flash flood warning until 11:25. No shit, Sherlock. Our 6 inch wide trench is now a fucking river lmao. Also, our town’s power is back now, there was a tree on the power line.


Holy hell. Stay safe.

I can’t help but find a bit of irony, though. It wasn’t long ago you complained about having no rain for for quite some time, but now it seems like it’s catching up.


'Bout damn time Mother Nature listened to me… although, she’s been paying extra special attention to me lately and I hate her for it. *pops ibuprofen like it's molly*


This is not always a good thing. Bitch about the weather too much and it’ll bite you in the ass.

If I find out you died from that I’d have to go necromance your body and smack you.


How bad could she bite me in the ass, she already claws at my womb…

I didn’t say I’d be stupid enough to overdose on molly ibuprofen. Jeez you have no faith in me…


@LorenTheGinger @SledgePainter