Say Something Random 5.3


Oh damn RIP Kathryn

Actually, he was a fetus growing in our mom and all covered in grotesque liquids, but mkay Tiger…


I meant specs is the younger one which makes him a lil babeh


Oh, yeah… he’s 3 years younger than me… lol


lol wtf



Subnautica in the dark with loud headphones and way too much caffeine in my system for 11 at night. Good times.

My brother and I are separated by 3 years. And one of my sisters is 3 years older then me. We also have birthdays within a single 7 day period. January is an expensive month for my parents lmfao


Sell your siblings so only one birthday remains. Yours ouo


Nah, if I keep them then I can benefit from their presents and graces.

Also, I love my siblings too much to sell them. If anything, I’d use them to begin the zombie apocalypse. Mostly because I know that if it’s one of them, they’d go along with it.


☆Sells her big sister for ten gold coins☆ ouo


There’s my half sister who’s 8 years older than me (4/17/91), my older brother who’s 2.5 years older than me (10/8/96), me (3/29/99), and spec who’s 3 years younger (2/14/02). There’s also my parents; mom (3/21/71), and my dad (4/14/72). So we have one in February, two in March, two in April (although, I would have been an April baby if I had waited until my due date lol), and my loner older brother in October. lol


Wow r00d. I’ll save you @Alice! ~throws 20 gold coins out~

takes notes
Right, now that I have those dates, mind giving me all their bank info and your mother’s maiden name?

That’s actually really cool. I loved growing up with all my siblings. Oddly enough, I also have older with 1 younger. Biggest age gap is only 4 years tho. I can’t see how people grow up with less than that many family members. Too much fun is had with all the chaos.


jk, I’d never sell her for that little o3o


I gotchu bro

I love my siblings too *chokes on words*

Spec doesn’t believe me, but I 100% served Alex Jones today at work. When he left, he pat me one the back and said “thanks sweetie” wtf I life…


getchoo some of that tinfoil hat money

oh wait you said back…


Lmao he would not have left on a happy note if he pat me one the butt. I would have slapped that ho.


Sue him for sexual harassment =p


☆Sues tiger for being orange☆


You can’t do that, he’s also black and that would be considered racist.


Anyone else receiving the deceiving Forum bug again?



Oh Mai gawd. I didn’t even know he was black.


He’s not…Tigers have black stripes…