Say Something Random 5.3


Essence is all I need

That is, if you CAN


What in the everliving…


I don’t need protectin!


What you’ll be getting is dust in the shed! Cus I’m gonna lock you there for days! >~>

Watch me! >_<

Little baby thinks she’s all grown up :’>


You’ve triggered me


~Picks Kai up~

Hush, little edgy boi.


Dang. Megan, the SR. Community Coordinator for warframe is hot ouo



Yup. Big time. Would definitely take out to dinner and romance hardcore.


She’s mine. ☆shoves☆


You have a redhead already! AND i knew what Warframe was before you did. I even played Dark Sector years ago.

I get her based on seniority. Sucker. ~Falcon punches~


☆Passive skill reflects all physical damage back☆ Ur the sucker. Humph


Falcon Punches ripple through your entire existence, physical and metaphysical.

It hits your very soul, however small or dark and shriveled that may be.


Only Captain Falcon can falcon punch. Ur just a fake. U Lil hobbit


I’m the biggest damn Hobbit in existence, then. 6’4" is over double average Hobbit height.

Also, I really love that Google Chroma recognizes ‘Hobbit’ as a real word. Best browser for a reason.



More like 3’6"


You actually googled it lmao

~Pats head~ Good job


awwww spec is the lil babeh