Say Something Random 5.3


That’s how my hands and shins are. Have this awful habit of slamming them in stuff or getting them cut/scraped open. Have all kinds of scars on my arms and legs from being a careless shit lmao

Only bones I’ve broken have been my 3rd right metacarpal and my right wrist. Never in ways that I’ve hurt myself before, either. Just random, not entirely unpredictable, situations where I totally deserved it for being an idiot.


I blame my brothers for my two fractures and one break. (First one was 100% my older brother’s fault, though. Impatient bastard.)

I read this as “speck-ist” the first time and got really confused until I realised it was supposed to be “speesh-ist” lol g’night everyone *crashes like a Mac computer*


dats cuz ur special =p


No, @The_Specialist is special, not me. Duh.


I’m not special…I’m on the special list…wait


See, I wish I could blame someone else for mine. But my wrist broke when I jumped out of the bed of a moving truck going about 30. It was on a dirt road, though, so I only broke my wrist because I landed wrong. Was jumping after a friend’s hat that flew out of the window.

The hand breakage came from me punching someone and my ring finger’s knuckle hitting their brow when they started to move out of the way. Was a really bad break, too. Have a metal plate in it with 3 screws. Might have the X-rays somewhere, too. Regrettably, it does not go off in airports.


Ur both special?


So Nintendo decided to lock the hardest mode of the Metroid 2 remake behind an amiibo purchase.

It’s funny how much goodwill can be wasted with just one dumb decision. And its already sold out of course, cause people are people. I actually wanted to buy a 3DS (a Metroid one no less).

Instead, I sit here, gawking at the Metroid Prime trilogy on my shelf and wonder when will I put away enough money to get a 2nd hand Wii.




And here I am with a wii and only the first metroid prime. :stuck_out_tongue:


What I’m hearing is that ur a babeh


Anybody here play GTA 5 Online? I got 1.67 million but I need, like, 5 million, and I’d like to know if anyone wants to do some heists to help me get there.


My first fracture was before Spec was born, so I was, like, 2. My mom had just got the crib set up and it was sitting next to one of the room dividers in between our living and dining rooms. My older brother got the bright idea to climb the room divider and jump into the crib, then climb out of the crib, and then do it all again. When I started to tire out, my older brother got impatient and pushed me from the room divider into the crib and I landed on my arm wrong and fractured my left elbow.

The second fracture happened when I was either 10 or 11 and my older brother (once agian) convinced me I should go on a bike ride with him (despite have no helmets or anything). My older brother likes to switch from one side of the road to the other for no reason, so while I was switch in lanes to keep up with him, I got to the middle lines and this stupid ass motorcyclist who was going over the speed limit not on his side of the road around a bend in the road where he couldn’t see oncoming traffic and hit me in the middle of my bike causing me to go flying off my bike. However, my shoelace was caught in the peddle and I slammed back down and fractured my left wrist from holding out my hands to catch my fall.

My break happened the day we got out of school and I spent up until the first day back to school recovering from a broken ankle. I was in between my 7th and 8th grade year, so I was 13. Spec and I went to the park, which has a rubber ground to avoid injuries (lol nope), and started playing tag with some other kids. I ran away from one kid who was “it” and jumped off the platform that was probably only 5 or 6 inches off the ground and had to angle myself to avoid a pole which caused me to land on my right ankle wrong and roll it. I broke it all the way through the growth plate and had to get two screws to line it back up properly the next day. I had to do physical therapy and the whole shebang.

OH! AND that was the year my mom graduated with her bachelor’s degree and I had to go up an escalator (thank you woman behind me for keeping me from falling, she da bomb) AND the year we decide to go to Washington DC for a look around at the meseums. IT WAS SO HOT THAT SUMMER OH MY GOD!

Niether does mine, but my grandma’s knees do. lol


What a diiiick. He was just a kid, sure, but god damn.

I always rode my bikes on a sidewalk. Safer that way.

Ok, this one was you. Was an accident, but even as a kid you should look before you jump.

I cannot express how much this speaks to me. I was in a cast then I broke my hand for about 6 months post-surgery, and I was in mississippi in the middle of summer at the time. And 4 months when I broke my wrist during the summer here in Florida. It was actually Senior Skip Day, which was followed by a day at the hospital. Good times.

Casts sweat so much, though. Plus when you get the cast off the skin under it is white as paper and sensitive as hell.


Yeah, can’t deny that one. He was always the sibling that ate all the food before anyone else could have some…

There weren’t sidewalks. This house was sort of in the county. Our neighbors had cows. *has war flashbacks of the terrible stench in the summer*

The pole wasn’t right there, I just jump way further than I thought I would. Also, I still blame Spec because we wouldn’t have been at the park if he hadn’t begged my mom to go.

I mean, it literally looks like a bleached raisin, but with hair lmao


My high school was across from a field of cows. When I would go for track practice I had to walk past it, and I could even smell it occasionally when we’d open the exit doors and windows in some of the rooms in the school.

I live in the middle of nowhere Q_Q

Accurate lol


What sucked worse is the fact that my elementary school was across from a farm that frequently used manure to fertilize their crops, so I know that feel. I couldn’t get away from the smell that year ;-;




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